Value System, Character, Habits and Success

Our values are the GPS for life – Anonymous

Everyone on this planet is made differently, our DNAs are different, our experiences are different, our stimulus is different, and that’s what makes us who we are as “Individuals”. Billions of people wake up every morning, go to work. Some love their jobs, some not so much. But at the end of the day, we find ways to motivate ourselves to believe life is worth living.


What motivates us but? Motivation is an internal urge to get something done, the force that pushes us through even when we have tired ourselves to bits. It could be anything, for instance you might hate your job, but the motivation to see your family live a comfortable life sees you through a difficult boss or you may hate exercising, even the idea of it dreadful but you might want to see yourself in that beautiful wedding gown in a couple of months, it makes you get up and hit the gym every morning.  But you would wonder why do we have motivation to do some things and not others?

The answer lies in our individuality. As individual we value different things. Our value systems make us the people that our friends know us as. A value system simply asks “What is important to you?” And when you know what is important to you, you can go ahead and aim to achieve it!

So the foundation to a happy and fulfilled life is to have a Value System. Determine what is important to you. A Challenging job, Acceptance, Helping others, Creativity, Security, it could be anything that your heart desires.


Determining might be relatively simple, but developing the values and growing them is the tricky bit. You must align your actions with value systems.

Sometimes, you will realize, you have a dream, but are too skeptical about fulfilling it or you have exactly the information on what will makes you happy but are a bit disorganized to get there. In such a case, try developing a value system from scratch or for those stuck in a rut, refreshing it.  Start by studying the people who you think have what you want. Study their habits and their personalities; make a list of the values you think they possess. Take that list; determine what are the values that you want to inculcate into your psyche and to develop the motivation to achieve those desired goals.

ValuesThe values you develop can be anything from the guiding principles or your approach towards life or your appearance in the society. You can start with LAYWi has a set of predetermined values, on which you can evaluate yourself. For example under the Execution tab, you can evaluate yourself on Leadership. These have predetermined set of questions, have 4 options as answer, Strength, Weakness, Opportunity or Threat. It determines, where this particular value falls and if your score on leadership doesn’t match your expectation, you can manage this area, which automatically creates a project for you and you can decide how would like to develop/polish this value by filling in the details to the automatically created project. It’s that simple

It covers all basic areas of a value system development. But one can have their own customized templates for value system as well, which is makes it diverse and unique to suit your existing value system. Laywi, which stands for life as you want it, does exactly what it means.

Life as you want it will only be so, when you know what truly is valuable to you!

3 thoughts on “Value System, Character, Habits and Success

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  2. Frank realizes that he would certainly have been better if he
    had actually moved with the Cheese a lot quicker in his life.
    Angela notes that Haw learned to laugh at his worry as
    well as so obtained to locate the New Cheese. Richard understands that not just his company requires to transform: he requires to change his behavior
    as well.

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