Who moved my cheese life lessons!

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. ― Winston Churchill

Change is a very a scary word, it is almost like a less intense cousin of death. And just like death, we all know change exists but don’t think it’s going to affect us anytime soon. And in the process of avoiding the confrontation with change, it’s always almost too late to do anything that we had once dreamt of doing. And its shame too, as most of us has the talents and resources to live our dreams but rarely do our fear of change holds us back.

We have all heard of “Who moved my Cheese”, even if we haven’t read it. It’s a book that tells a story of change. It’s about 4 characters running around in a maze trying to locate their cheese.

Cheese in the book, is a metaphor for what we want in life, it could be anything, more money, social standing or spiritual peace. And we pursue our cheese because we think that it will make us happy and secure. And the maze represents the place where we look for cheese, workplace or community or relationships we have.

The lessons that the author of the book wishes us to acknowledge are:


  • Change happens- get used to it
  • Anticipate change- look for change, don’t deny it
  • Monitor change – always keep your eyes open to newer developments
  • Adapt to change quickly – Embrace change, don’t fight it.
  • Change – Become the change
  • Enjoy change – Live life as an adventure.
  • Be ready to change quickly again!

A lot of us have been robbed of our cheese during some point in our lives and it can be traumatizing, it feels likes we have been betrayed, and it’s unfair that it happened to us and no one else.

At this point in life, you must strive to break out of the cheese mentality, learn to become some who can get more cheese or better create your own cheese. Once you start believing the abundance of you ability to create opportunities for yourself, you will never fear change again.

Fear of change is nothing but the lack of your acknowledgement that you have the abundance of talent and resources everywhere waiting to be discovered. Change is scary but stagnation is stopping time, which is not only impossible but a waste of your life.

“What would you do if you were afraid?”-

When I was first asked this question, I had no idea what I wanted to say. There were ideas in my head but not my ideas, these were images from magazines, TV or what others had told me. It turns out I have been guarding my cheese for so long now, that its stink has killed any sense in me.

Adapting to change isn’t any easy process, when you don’t know what you are doing, it can be very frustrating, and you’d be tempted to stay with the old cheese even more. Learning change is a process. Everything requires hard work but once you learn the process, it becomes the simplest thing ever.

Change is happening every second, we are aging as we speak, the earth is revolving, seasons are changing, old leaves are falling, and new ones are growing. Adapt to it, don’t be afraid of it.

Secretly we all want change, but don’t know how to act on it. You can start by signing up on www.laywi.com.

It’s life management website. It has features, such as checklist; SWOT analysis; diary keeping; Project management to name only a few.

You can start by writing down all your aspiration. Setting goal. Projects to achieve these goals. It’s a holistic website that was made to help you live “Life as you want it”.


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