The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


One of the most accomplished authors for self development books of our times, Stephen R Covey had written a book called 7 habits of highly effective people in 1989, and since then it has gone on to become one of the most recommended book in its genre and beyond to educate people about the power that lies within their own actions and intentions. The book can be divided into three parts of seven chapters altogether dedicated to each habit that differentiated a successful, fulfilled person from one aspiring to be one. The first part of the book talks about what changes a person can make in its own self to achieve and live a fulfilled life.  It preaches the power of taking action and getting organized. The second part educates about the power of clean intentions and synergy to get what you desire while paving a way for healthy atmosphere for one and all. And third part which is continuous improvement teaches us to keep sharpening the saw.


Let’s start by discussing the first three habits, which are, be proactive, begin with the end in mind and put first things first.

All three habits emphasis how planning and organizing life makes the biggest dent. Habit number 1: Be proactive emphasis on taking responsibility for making things happen for you, taking initiative to make projects and dreams happen. Don’t wait for the right moment, even if you must wait for the right moment, plan how when the perfect moment arrives, things will go down. Always take responsibility for where you are right now, and how you can move forward. Because taking responsibility means owning your circumstances, it’s an empowering thought when you know you control your circumstances, you and no one else can make or break your dreams.

The second habit, Begin with end in mind, comes in tandem with the first habit. Envision what the end will look like. Starting from what results you want to how you will feel, down to every tiny detail, maybe where you will celebrate once it’s done. This is important because all successful people know exactly what they want and why. This is what motivates them to work harder, because they are focused and have plan.  Knowing what you want(life goals) and why(values), can wipe all those doubts about not being good enough, or not being prepared enough out. Because all these destructive thoughts are nothing, but empty excuses for when we dig inside for answers and don’t find them right away. Think through your fears, fears are just fantasies with a negative spin.


The third habit put first things first, is also another powerful habit of successful people, because prioritizing tasks and projects means that you are serious about getting things done and are not beating around the bush to project a false reality of getting somewhere. Also once you get things done, that are most important to accomplish a goal, you feel lighter and more confident about closing it.


If you want to successfully develop these habits and achieve your goals, you must reach clarity on your life goals and values – what makes you tick. You might want to have a family but independence is deeply important to you. In such a case you must decide what is that you want most and why. Think hard on it and/or write it down, bounce it off your family and friends.


These three chapters are about educating yourself about you and getting to work., has taken inspiration from ‘The seven habits of highly effective people’ and other highly reliable researches advocating the imitation of these certain laws to have a successful life. All successful people take responsibility for their actions and plan ahead by envisioning what would make them happy and effective. All successful people know what they want, and how will they work around it.

Laywi, expanded to life as you want it, has been designed to make life easier for its users, it has developed tools for project/task management, tools that allow you to set vision for all important aspects of your life and tools that tracks progress and reminders for completion of a task. Based on the information you feed into these tools, it also displays you daily, weekly or monthly progress on a task.


The idea behind laywi is to make planning easier and fool proof for its provides a stencil based on research of how successful/effective people operate in their lives, for everyone who uses laywi to plan their lives.

All the methods and best practices practiced by effective people have been laid out for its users benefit, all they have to do is dream and reflect on how they can achieve the life they want.

Habit number 1 preached to be proactive, has various tools for planning your actions, such as project cataloging, where you can create projects to the minutest of the detail to achieve a task in an orderly manner. There is also list making, To-do list setting, reminders for To-Do lists, diary keeping for a project/task and much much more.

Second habit is to start with an end in mind, provides you with tools to envision various aspects of your life to fuel your progress, you are allowed to set vision for your financial wellbeing, physical wellbeing, relationship well and a lot more. You can further use this information to create projects and set objectives that will determine the success of your project. You can create sub tasks, to divide a task into many smaller units for effective execution of a plan.

Third habit of highly effective people is putting first things first. Prioritizing! also helps you set priorities and remind you from hourly to monthly basis, what is most important to the achievement of your task/project.




**The dashboard has been designed to update you with plans, tasks, projects and track the progress on them respectively. It is one of its kind tools, that gives you the overview of everything that has been put on the website by you.


So, what are you waiting for, log on to and start planning the life of your dreams and say goodbye to ambiguities of daily life and stress of not living up to your expectation. Take charge today with the help of this revolutionary tool and fire away.

We would be covering the next few habits in the following blog, to ease you into all the information. Till then happy dreaming.

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