The Power of Habit – A review

The Power of Habit is a book is a recent best seller by Charles Duhigg. It engages the user in understanding the circuitry of habit and how to manipulate it to inculcate productive habits.

We are all slaves to habits good or bad, because the brain prefers to keep its working memory free to avoid any predators that might pounce from out of the blue and attack us. In todays time, the predator could be anything from a boss who wants us work over time or office politics.Hence habits and memories alike  are helpful in the functioning of our being on a level  that is between conscious and subconscious, keep our attention fixed on survival.

The cycle of habit has three phases, the cue, the routine and the reward.  The cue is the situation or an indication of an event, the routine, is the reaction after encountering the cue and the reward is the sensation we crave from the completion of that routine, which our brains craves.

For example, if one has a habit of smoking cigarettes and wants to overcome it successfully, they must watch out for what are the situations when the urge to get a cigarette is overcoming, and make a note of it. It may be when one is bored or a bit distracted or just looking stimulation. Once the behavior is noted, the next time they get a cue to smoke, they can easily and gradually try to replace the behavior with another routine instead of smoking a cigarette. For instance a healthier habit of a cup of herbal tea or taking a small walk or just taking an internet break. Anything they like!

Eventually, the new behavior will become the reward that the mind craves. Following the same pattern one can overcome any destructive habit with enough efforts and patience.

In fact, most therapists and psychologists also use the same approach to help people over come fears and heartbreaks of life, by understanding their habits of thinking & perception and slowing breaking them and replacing them with newer & healthier habits.

Please read & to learn more about the circuitry of habits.

LAWYi, our app/ website has been designed keeping in mind the psychology of change. And a change to last and have a productive effect must be, uprooted from its base.  The most important point to remember is to be aware of when the cue pops up, and to develop a plan to tackle it with a replacement habit.

LAYWi has many such inbuilt tools that let you record you current behavior and plan your further change in the routine. Since the written word is always more powerful than the thought, owing the fact that just careful deliberation required in the comprehensible word is in itself an act of doing hence better learning. So here you understand the cues that kick habit into first gear better and better

On LAWYi one can plan their transition using align and achieve to careful orchestrated projects. Recognize cues, plan the replacement routine to override the unwanted routine.


Record observation about the obstacles, or achievements or anything relevant to the habit in a diary tool. This particularly useful because, most of the habits come from the same unconscious drive that may or may not be very healthy. LAYWi diaries can be attached to LAYWi projects.

Set LAWYi reminders to keep in mind the missions set out to achieve. They dropdown from the home tab or show on the LAYWi calendar or LAYWi dashboard.


One can also and must set specific evaluations which are necessary to override the unproductive habit with a productive one. For example, developing the habit of exercising the body thrice a week. The habit of working out thrice in a week would render you a better health, you can set your criteria of what better health means to you. Better fitting cloths, feeling energized, better skin, anything you like.

But the most satisfaction is in seeing the progress made from A to B, since it is on an app, and you review this evaluation by rating your improvement week by week or month by month which shows on your personalized dashboard along with all reminders and important dates.

Plus it has various other tools for planning and organizing any aspect of your life.

ImageIf you are looking to kick a bad habit, you must sign up for an account on today, to avail the benefits of these tools, which helps make your life better overall.

Please visit, for more blogs on how LAWYi can be used to live & plan the life you want.

It’s free, accessible and absolutely safe.

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