The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


One of the most accomplished authors for self development books of our times, Stephen R Covey had written a book called 7 habits of highly effective people in 1989, and since then it has gone on to become one of the most recommended book in its genre and beyond to educate people about the power that lies within their own actions and intentions. The book can be divided into three parts of seven chapters altogether dedicated to each habit that differentiated a successful, fulfilled person from one aspiring to be one. The first part of the book talks about what changes a person can make in its own self to achieve and live a fulfilled life.  It preaches the power of taking action and getting organized. The second part educates about the power of clean intentions and synergy to get what you desire while paving a way for healthy atmosphere for one and all. And third part which is continuous improvement teaches us to keep sharpening the saw.


Let’s start by discussing the first three habits, which are, be proactive, begin with the end in mind and put first things first.

All three habits emphasis how planning and organizing life makes the biggest dent. Habit number 1: Be proactive emphasis on taking responsibility for making things happen for you, taking initiative to make projects and dreams happen. Don’t wait for the right moment, even if you must wait for the right moment, plan how when the perfect moment arrives, things will go down. Always take responsibility for where you are right now, and how you can move forward. Because taking responsibility means owning your circumstances, it’s an empowering thought when you know you control your circumstances, you and no one else can make or break your dreams.

The second habit, Begin with end in mind, comes in tandem with the first habit. Envision what the end will look like. Starting from what results you want to how you will feel, down to every tiny detail, maybe where you will celebrate once it’s done. This is important because all successful people know exactly what they want and why. This is what motivates them to work harder, because they are focused and have plan.  Knowing what you want(life goals) and why(values), can wipe all those doubts about not being good enough, or not being prepared enough out. Because all these destructive thoughts are nothing, but empty excuses for when we dig inside for answers and don’t find them right away. Think through your fears, fears are just fantasies with a negative spin.


The third habit put first things first, is also another powerful habit of successful people, because prioritizing tasks and projects means that you are serious about getting things done and are not beating around the bush to project a false reality of getting somewhere. Also once you get things done, that are most important to accomplish a goal, you feel lighter and more confident about closing it.


If you want to successfully develop these habits and achieve your goals, you must reach clarity on your life goals and values – what makes you tick. You might want to have a family but independence is deeply important to you. In such a case you must decide what is that you want most and why. Think hard on it and/or write it down, bounce it off your family and friends.


These three chapters are about educating yourself about you and getting to work., has taken inspiration from ‘The seven habits of highly effective people’ and other highly reliable researches advocating the imitation of these certain laws to have a successful life. All successful people take responsibility for their actions and plan ahead by envisioning what would make them happy and effective. All successful people know what they want, and how will they work around it.

Laywi, expanded to life as you want it, has been designed to make life easier for its users, it has developed tools for project/task management, tools that allow you to set vision for all important aspects of your life and tools that tracks progress and reminders for completion of a task. Based on the information you feed into these tools, it also displays you daily, weekly or monthly progress on a task.


The idea behind laywi is to make planning easier and fool proof for its provides a stencil based on research of how successful/effective people operate in their lives, for everyone who uses laywi to plan their lives.

All the methods and best practices practiced by effective people have been laid out for its users benefit, all they have to do is dream and reflect on how they can achieve the life they want.

Habit number 1 preached to be proactive, has various tools for planning your actions, such as project cataloging, where you can create projects to the minutest of the detail to achieve a task in an orderly manner. There is also list making, To-do list setting, reminders for To-Do lists, diary keeping for a project/task and much much more.

Second habit is to start with an end in mind, provides you with tools to envision various aspects of your life to fuel your progress, you are allowed to set vision for your financial wellbeing, physical wellbeing, relationship well and a lot more. You can further use this information to create projects and set objectives that will determine the success of your project. You can create sub tasks, to divide a task into many smaller units for effective execution of a plan.

Third habit of highly effective people is putting first things first. Prioritizing! also helps you set priorities and remind you from hourly to monthly basis, what is most important to the achievement of your task/project.




**The dashboard has been designed to update you with plans, tasks, projects and track the progress on them respectively. It is one of its kind tools, that gives you the overview of everything that has been put on the website by you.


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We would be covering the next few habits in the following blog, to ease you into all the information. Till then happy dreaming.

Follow the Trail…

Knowing, wanting and doing are very powerful words. They mean transition, movement and its these words that are the music of life keeping us dancing. And just like music is for grooving, life is for living. Living and existing are two different things, you exist to live, and you live to just live. Just like it’s unnatural for most birds to not take flight, its unnatural for us to not live. What wings are to a bird, is what intelligence and free will is to humans.  We must use it. We must dream, reflect on our essential urges, and think about what we can do with what we’ve been blessed with.

We must use our imagination to examine our lives. What can we do? What do we want to do? If you live inactively, you will miss out on this wonderful and probably the only  experience called life, it doesn’t come back, so drop all you fears of failing, lagging behind, not being good enough, to soar through the skies of life.

There is no science to this, you just do it. So if you have a dream, start working toward it. Now, it’s a fact that not everyone can be Madame Curie or Picasso, but that shouldn’t be the point, the point is to do, and to live out your life to maximum you can. Don’t let capitalistic media take away you joy of living; don’t keep standards that don’t apply to you. Make your own plans and decide on your own success.

The first step towards becoming enlightened to your own senses is to shake off all the prior expectation and make room for your own self to have a say in what you want. Start a journal, reflect on what you like and why you like it, think about what you would regret not doing 10 years from now, think about what are your values.

Make a plan, however insignificant it maybe, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, it’s a law of the natural world, every action will grant you that much wisdom. The point is intending to do something and that something might not be what you thought it would be, but you will be that much wiser.  Failure is not what you think it is, it’s a just an outcome that you didn’t want to see. So make plans, execute them, and grab the experience by the scruff and live!

Read more, watch more documentaries, idolize people, love plants, anything that makes you forget about you mortality is a good sign; it means that you are on the right path, you are living.

Be ambitious. Plan. Do more. Make every sec count. Make informed choices.

So, take a tablet and tap away making plans to conquer your world while you still can, keep yourself surrounded by what you want to see manifest in the future, immediate or later. Because that is what will keep the distractions and unwarranted influences away, allowing you to be original and true to your being.

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Fill the Vagueness!

“Life is problems. Living is solving problems.” 
― Raymond E. Feist

The number one enemy of anyone that can be is being vague. Vagueness is the most ineffective phenomenon to exist among us. If you really want to mean what you say and say what you mean, you must start examining the promises that come out of your mouth.  Mean what you, after you make a promise to do something, rummage in your head as to what those words mean to you. For instance if you take a vow to not eat junk food, take a moment to define the meaning of this to yourself, it could mean, no more candies and snacks before dinner or no ordering in during weekdays. Once you decide on what it means to you, you are more likely to stick it out.

Most of our promises are made in the air, I will work out from tomorrow, I will read more, I will be kinder, all these intentions are great but unless you tell yourself what you mean by it, a sense of vagueness will persist, and you are very likely to just let it lurk at the back of your mind than do anything about it. This will not only induce a sense of nothingness but also create mistrust within yourself about your abilities to take up things in the future.

Here are a few ways to add more meaning to your word:

1)      Always define what a promise means to you. If you are taking up a project, define it. For instance, you want to read more books, decide on how many? What books?  Will you join a club? Do you want ask someone for suggestions? As much as you can, define the meaning of the promise.

2)      Set a time:  Define when you want to start. If you want to start eating healthy, decide on a day, next week, Monday or Wednesday, whenever. Defining a timeline will work as a mental alarm. After you’ve done this, repeat step 1.

3)      Own the vision: although it is a good idea to consult or emulate someone who has successfully done something you’ve been meaning to do but make sure you tailor the plan to fit your schedule and abilities.  There is no point going overboard with a workout session if you weigh only 120 lbs and 5 feet tall and your friend weighs 180 lb and 5 feet 7 inches. 

4)      Think why: this is the most important point to remember. Whenever you decide to do something, always think why do you want to do this?  Every day we are influenced by a dozen things and most of these influences are vague, and hence it’s important to challenge your intention of taking up a task or making a promise. Why do you want to do this? If you want to buy a certain car, think about what will it do for you? Is it good car for everyday driving, or is it a status symbol. As long as you’re clear with whys of an action, you will never again regret a decision.

5)      Always reflect on what will you get out of an action, no matter how small the step might be, always evaluate what you got out of it. Don’t be vague!


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Live Out your Wants!

It is that we either want something or need something. It can’t be both. Now needing something is that you have to have it, it’s essential to your existence, food, shelter, clothing, and family are all an example of a need. Want is a subject that stimulates your attention, triggers you imagination! Want is what gives you that unique meaning, all of us searching as human beings. Now no one knows what is that we are doing on this planet for sure, but humans have been gifted with an ability to imagine or dream, that is what separates us from all of others in the animal kingdom, ability to think and imagine is all we have. To want something is to want to create your own reality.

We are all born with unique urges and desires and manifesting these urges and desires is the purpose of our life. A lot of times a person is deemed depressed because they are unable to express their deepest feelings, thereby creating a hostile inner environment. In the same manner, if are unable to manifest our inner being in the outer world, it creates a logged environment inside of us, sapping our life energies.

To be able to live fully, we must listen to our deepest desires and manifest them in whatever way we can. How to do this, you ask? You can start by:

   Self examination: figure out who you are and what you like. Start at making a list of things you like and dislike. And repeat the things that you love more and more and often, for instance you like to painting and drawing, make special time for it every day or every other day, don’t let mental blockages like for example feeling like you are not too good at it, get to you. By doing so, you will create a sense of confidence in your inner being, thereby freeing it from shackles of the ‘can’t and nots.

    Take small steps: Set a plan and decide on small steps toward its achievement. Test waters and modify accordingly and proceed with your plans. Don’t go overboard with wanting everything at once. Learning and figuring out is a process

  Don’t be afraid of failure: Perseverance is the key to anytime successful.  If you want to be a success at anything, the important thing is to keep at it and not get deterred by a letdown.  Because success is not something that is suppose to come immediately. Keeping at it what makes it work. So if you really want something, and feel like it’s not for you, try again, reexamining you plans and taking smaller steps.

   Organize: The biggest excuse we give ourselves for not being able to live a fulfilled life is that work and responsibilities take up too much time. So organize, get all the work done, that you enough time and space to live out your dreams.

  Reflect:  Like I said, humans have a special gift of thinking, evaluate your days and the progress you have made and reflect on the things that are the bottlenecks in your way to a great life.

   Utilize resource optimally: Next time you receive a bonus or free time, don’t waste it. Utilize it to get things done. If you spare cash, buy something that will further your dream of a life that you want or if you get free time, don’t waste it on TV or napping, take that trek you always think about, go out on an adventure. The point is to not just while away the gifts that you receive, get your money’ worth while you still can!

    Always be grateful: Always be thankful for whatever you have, no matter how bad the situation seems, being negative about a something will not only deter logical thinking but instead bury you further in to a gloomy mood, delaying you bounce back time, Think about what you want, this kind of positive thinking will keep your spirits up while you plan a getaway.

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Top Tips to Stay Motivated!

Motivation is the force that propels us into action; it can be both negative and positive. Either you are motivated by I’m going to get fired if I don’t get it done or you are motivated by I must get this done, so I can get the most juice out my time. Motivation that is positive will always leave you more energized than negative motivation, which will drain and stress you out. Like all thinking, positive motivation is also a habit that you can consciously develop.

Here are a few ways to keep yourself pepped through the day:-

1)      Always think positive: No matter how hard your day has been, just keep patience and chant’ this will get better’. Even if you are stuck in a pickle, thinking positive will feed you energy to get through the task with minimum damage. Once you master the habit of reining in your negative thought patterns, you will realize, things will happen, good or bad, the way you react to is all you can control. When you realize this that will be reward enough.

2)      Make a public commitment: Announcing your intentions publicly to take up a project will ensure that you stick to it more than just thinking you will take up this goal . It maybe social anxiety that initially encourages you to stick it through but the more important thing is to begin.

3)      Create a healthy competitive environment: Competition is a great motivator. Harness it to achieve your goals. Whether it is competing within or without. See how your friends are doing. If they can do 50 pushups, try 60 or if they are taking more responsibility at work, you can mimic the same or more. Just observe what others are up to and you will notice your internal barometer of wellness automatically starts setting higher goals to maintain your top position or improve on your second or third best position.

4)      Keep a diary: Record your goals and plans daily in a journal.  What you want to achieve and why. How will you get around to completing a goal? What did you do today that made you that much closer to a goal? Record all your achievement and setbacks. Our mind is wired to see what we consider significant to getting closer to our deepest desires. Hence this process will help stay on track and motivate you to envision your achievements.

5)      Envision your goal: envisioning your goals will keep you motivated, as the more you think about achieving your goals, the more the mind will perceive it coming true. An event is always created twice, once in the mind then in reality. So write down your visions and how will you make it come true, spend some time every day, revising it or amending it.

6)      Be persistent: no matter how tired you are, do something that gives you the sense that you spent time furthering your goal. This will keep your motivation levels up for the next time. Because the guilt of having skipped a day might derail you from confronting a task the next day, so stay persistent, even if you hurts a little bit.

7)      Talk back to the negativity: If you mind hurls negativity at you, don’t quit, confront and tackle it. Don’t let negativity get to you and make you quit. If you do, it will come back to haunt any time else you might want to take up in the future. It is a habit. Staying motivated and at it, is habit that will reap rewards for long term.

8)      Reward yourself: this is important, break your goals down into smaller tasks and reward yourself for completing those tasks. Keep monitoring your progress. It will generate enough motivation for you get another task done.

9)      Don’t be complacent: now it may be important to pat yourself on the back for achieving completion of a task, it is also important to not become complacent about your goals. Remember motivation is a habit, and you will have to follow the same rules for the same results.

10)   Get started: Just start, even if you might not have all resources spread out, just start, start by making plan to acquire resources. Keep your expectation to a minimum and plan to a maximum.

11)   Plan; envision; set goals; review progress; reward yourself; stick it out and repeat!

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Get Over It!

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” 
― Eleanor Roosevelt


Fear is a labyrinth that we create to guard ourselves against the situations and things that might harm us. But as helpful as it is, it also keeps us from living the life that we want. Fear is a primal emotion and it works at a subconscious level. Fear cause our normal mind to shut down, to run the routine program of how you handle stress. Now in case of a physical attack this maybe a good thing but when it comes to exploring life opportunities, it is the only thing that keeps us from feeling fulfilled.

Fear of failure is something that is encountered by all of us at some points, it’s a given fact that we may not be successful at everything, but the fear holds us back from even trying. Hence there is a backlog that is created in the mind, wherein we start dreading everything. Because confronting one situation, may mean confronting the fact that you might fail. For example, you might be procrastinating starting an exercise regime because you feel it might not work for you, or you might end making a fool of yourself trying to keep up with the fit crowd and further you avoid shopping for the ‘good’ cloths, because you will do it once you are your ideal weight. And there is so much to be done or to happen that even brushing over the topic becomes a tiresome task.  Procrastination is the most sighted side effect of fear of failure.

How to get over it? The most important thing is to think things thoroughly. Is your goal, really your goal? Do you really want this bad enough? Chances are you might have taken up something as you agenda because it seems like the usual flow of things, but everyone is different and has different motivation. So think and customize you goal. The achievement of your goal should benefit you in the ways that you want. For example, if you want to study a course, make sure you are doing it because you are deeply interested or it will bring you immense satisfaction. Not because your parents or friends think you should do it.

Once you are convinced of your goal, you will notice that inspiration finds you. It falls into your lap like a sun beam falls into a room through a hole in the window. 

And you will also notice how fear becomes irrational once something has inspired you. You will not stop till you reach your goal or fear failure.


Once you have spring boarded from the idea of your goal, the momentum will carry you through for a bit, and if you’re lucky the winds will keep hauling your sail. But in most cases you will have to take it in your hands to keep the sail going. You will require hard work and discipline to keep it going.

You will have to diligently plan your day to day activities. Planning is like a script, you script your journey till your achieve your goal.

Planning will empower you to carry on till the end. A Plan enforces a sort of frame to how things will proceed from all points. A plan removes all whatifs? And maybes? And gives you a clearer perspective, enforcing you to think through every detail and getting it right.

Having goals that you own and having a plan that you designed will help uproot and challenge any fear you might have. Fear is but a feeling of not knowing what lies ahead. To counter it, you must challenge and validate every assumption that you have about it.

So challenge your instinct that tells you that you can’t keep a plan or achieve a goal!

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Time Management for Everyday

“The essence of self-discipline is to do the important thing rather than the urgent thing.”
― Barry Werner


Time is management is of essence if you want to live a well managed life. To do any task, you have to decide to do it, and almost every time when we make a decision, first step toward it is deciding when to do it. If you really ponder upon it, the main reason for procrastination is us wanting to not confront the flow of time, hence avoiding life changing decision, therefore avoiding failing at them.

This is the biggest reason why we avoid time management, because it can mean taking action and taking action is risking failure. Although this blog is on tips for managing time better, it doesn’t hurt to examine what’s stopping us on utilizing this wonderful skill that is ever present.

Time management has a great side effect, calling living fully. Our life is all about time since we have limited time to achieve our goals in life and live it like we want it.

Here are a bunch of tips on time management:-

1)       Maintain a To-do list. I can’t emphasize enough, how much you can get done in a day if you have a list of things to be done. And checking items off a list gives you amazing satisfaction. So write it down on a paper, use one of those widely available apps on phones. Register on websites like, a very versatile website, which lets you create projects and attach specific to-do lists to those projects.

2)      Break it down and allocate time. Break down your task into smaller tasks and you will be amazed at how stress-less and fluid your task becomes. For instance you want to conduct an employee survey, break it down:

1)       Target demographic.

2)      Prepare questionnaire

3)      Mailer for the survey

4)      Send out survey

5)      Collect and analyse results

6)      Prepare a report

Allocate time to the tasks. And get them done.

3)      Be pragmatic about setting deadline, this is where most people miss out. They set unrealistic expectation and end up disappointed. Set easier timelines if you are just starting out. Don’t punish yourself for failing to keep deadline. The most important thing is to keep trying to get closer and closer to your target each time.

4)      Prioritize: it is most important that you prioritize what is most important following a descending order for less urgent matters, this way, when the most urgent task is off your list; you are still productive enough to strike of other tasks off your list.

5)      Pre-Evaluate results, at the beginning of the task, make a mental note of what is that you want out of a task, this way you concentrate on what to get out of than weeding through useless information.

6)      Set time for distractions. This might sound odd, but it is good idea to allow yourself to check Facebook or Twitter at a designated time than depriving yourself completely of it. Start out with only allowing yourself to check Facebook thrice a day or so, once in the morning, after lunch and when you’ve finished your work. This way you don’t waste time or feel guilty for it. Do the same for other destructive distractions.

7)      Organize your space; this will help you save time and mental energy, in hereto increasing your productivity.

8)      Don’t be a miser with Nos. Feel free to say no to things that will not add anything to your day. And don’t hesitate in asking for what you need, if in a meeting, and your task is done, excuse yourself and be on your way. It will save your time and you will walk out with minimum information overload.

9)      Avoid clutter. Be practical while taking up things. Only take up tasks that you will absolutely do. Adding tasks that you halfheartedly, unrealistically added to your daily repertoire will only disrupt your mental planning.

10)  Reward yourself, count the items that you were able to strike off your set list and celebrate whatever you got done. Relax with a long bath or go for a long walk, whatever makes you happy.

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