Happiness and Maintaining a Diary

Feeling happier


Monday: Be Thankful
List of things which you are thankful for –
Relationships: Parents, Friends, Colleagues / Mentors, a pet!
Well-being: Physical health, Mental well-being (Genes and circumstance in life)
Financials: Having roof over head, not to worry for family care and next meal etc
Professional: Education one was able to afford, job one has which has growth opportunity and financial stability etc.
Or you can write about pleasant memories like recent holidays!

Just list 5 things

Tuesday: Best Times
Think of one of the most wonderful experiences in your life –
– Great friendship
– Falling in love
– Total contentment or absolute success – moment of self actualization!

Just take one of these experience and time travel back to it and write it down!

Wednesday: Perfect Future
Spend sometime writing about your ideal life, your vision for your life! Then imagine living in it, imaging all went as per plan. Person you want to be, personally and / or professionally.
Write the experience!

Thursday: Dear one’s
Think of someone very important to you and whom you respect a lot too. Your partner in life, your friend, mentor or leader! Now think you have one opportunity to tell him the same, So now write down a short note / letter to him/her describing your feeling towards.

Friday: Take a stock
Think back over past week and make a note of three things that went really well for you. Event / happening may be small or big.

This exercise should make you feel happier in life and also more content!

You can use LAYWi to write down your five days diary -using diary tool at http://www.laywi.com or you can use a paper diary.

How-To-Guide to LAYWi’s Diary tool here.

General How-To-Guide to LAYWi and introduction to LAYWi here.

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