Happiness Pointers

Its a beautiful and amazing world! Well at least for most part (ignoring mindless and directionless terrorists & psychopaths ). Since we have limited time on this planet and generally speaking this time always seems to be very short,  so lets try to make best of it!

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We have so much to see, experience, imbibe in life on this planet that we don’t have much time to waste, possibilities are limitless, we can be anybody or do anything –

So lets do something new everyday,
Learn something new
Understand something new

When in doubt – it always better to regret after doing something (taking common sense into account) rather then regretting not doing it. After doing something even if we don’t get anything or succeed in purpose, we would still get very valuable experience.

Experience everything but don’t get addicted to anything for experience is valuable. Experience would help us differentiate between right and wrong. They would prevent us from making mistakes by nurturing our brain which store common sensical neurons!

But don’t be sacred of making mistakes, for they only make mistakes who do something or try something.

Take Responsibility of your mistakes, rectify them.

Forgive others mistakes and give them time and chance to rectify them. No one (sane) makes mistake on purpose neither they behave badly on purpose.

We don’t know what others are going through in life so treat everyone the way you treat yourself, give them same chance as  you would give to yourself, with lenient with others as you are with yourself (at least), respect everyone, trust everyone and most importantly love everyone!

We don’t have enough love in this world and we all can do with extra love!  So don’t be shy in asking for love neither in giving or showing love.

Life is too short to be shy or to be hesitant, dance with your heart even if you don’t know, sing with your heart even if you aren’t good at it.

Eat to your heart’s content, laugh loudly (spreading the cheer) and cry like baby (share emotional transparency)!

Don’t let your heart grow old (when body grows), for day we loose our child like innocence or attitude towards life, life would seems different, most optimistically put.

Think about future but don’t worry about it, remember the past but don’t get lost in past!

2015 and life in general would offer some good days and some bad days obviously but don’t get arrogant in good days and don’t loose hope in bad days.

Don’t take all credit for success neither blame others for failure, just keep moving, spreading happiness and cheer and remember the motive – we are here to make our life beautiful and for others around us.

Top Ten Tips to Keep Healthy Habits

Habits are basically internally stored memories of tackling events that happen to us on regular basis. If you are habitual of eating breakfast, you immediately feel its void on the days when you skip it or you are habitual of sleeping in late, hence you always miss those spinning classes that you enrolled in. The human mind creates habits, so that it can conserve time and energy in decision making. This has been wired in to our DNA because; the cave men had to have faster than lighting instincts to run from a predator hiding in the bushes. But habits are more than that, they are our memories, and to challenge existing memories and creating a desirable ones to replace them is what is needed to create a life as you want it.

Here are a bunch of tips below, to get you started. Replace your older unhealthy habit patterns with newer, more empowering habits.

To inculcate healthy habits in to your routine start with:

1)      Setting a goal is the most important step. More importantly setting a practical goal. Want to lose 50 pounds or want to fit into that 10 year old pair of jeans. Whatever you want. Be reasonable with yourself, you can’t expect to lose 30 pounds in 20 days.

2)      Be specific about what you want to see in the results. Is it a desire to see a more toned body, or feel more energetic? Be precise in what you want. It will keep you motivated and easier to spot results or discrepancies in your plans.

list3)      Make a list of all things you need to do to achieve results . For instance for a fitness regime, chart out the time of your workout, the exercise routine, plan your outfit, your pre and post workout meals, everything, don’t leave space for excuses. It might be tedious in the beginning but soon it will be a habit that sticks.

4)      Why is this important to you?  Think of the reasons this is important to you.

5)      Write plans where it is accessible. Record your ideas and plan in a place where you can easily access them. Put them online on www.laywi.com. Its online and gives you the freedom to access and review your plan from anywhere you want.

6)      Create reminders to keep you motivated and to remind you why you took this up!

7)      Mark your calendar.  Set dates and schedule for till when do you want to achieve these goals.

8)      Stay positive and motivated.  Don’t let setbacks deter you anyway. Reevaluate and readjust till you have what you need.  It’s important not to take defeat too seriously, it only means there was a discrepancy in the plan.

9)      Keep yourself surrounded by the things that remind you of your goal.  Cut out pictures from a magazine and put it on bathroom mirror. Create vision boards. Set up your plans on www.laywi.com, review your dashboard for the progress and the way ahead.

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10)   Reward yourself, the real reward is in the goal completion itself but don’t forget to revel in the feeling of the new you. Try on cloths that you never thought you could. Take yourself out to a nice restaurant. Celebrate your life and doings.

Happy habit building!