Happiness Pointers

Its a beautiful and amazing world! Well at least for most part (ignoring mindless and directionless terrorists & psychopaths ). Since we have limited time on this planet and generally speaking this time always seems to be very short,  so lets try to make best of it!

Manage your life with a plan @ laywi.com
We have so much to see, experience, imbibe in life on this planet that we don’t have much time to waste, possibilities are limitless, we can be anybody or do anything –

So lets do something new everyday,
Learn something new
Understand something new

When in doubt – it always better to regret after doing something (taking common sense into account) rather then regretting not doing it. After doing something even if we don’t get anything or succeed in purpose, we would still get very valuable experience.

Experience everything but don’t get addicted to anything for experience is valuable. Experience would help us differentiate between right and wrong. They would prevent us from making mistakes by nurturing our brain which store common sensical neurons!

But don’t be sacred of making mistakes, for they only make mistakes who do something or try something.

Take Responsibility of your mistakes, rectify them.

Forgive others mistakes and give them time and chance to rectify them. No one (sane) makes mistake on purpose neither they behave badly on purpose.

We don’t know what others are going through in life so treat everyone the way you treat yourself, give them same chance as  you would give to yourself, with lenient with others as you are with yourself (at least), respect everyone, trust everyone and most importantly love everyone!

We don’t have enough love in this world and we all can do with extra love!  So don’t be shy in asking for love neither in giving or showing love.

Life is too short to be shy or to be hesitant, dance with your heart even if you don’t know, sing with your heart even if you aren’t good at it.

Eat to your heart’s content, laugh loudly (spreading the cheer) and cry like baby (share emotional transparency)!

Don’t let your heart grow old (when body grows), for day we loose our child like innocence or attitude towards life, life would seems different, most optimistically put.

Think about future but don’t worry about it, remember the past but don’t get lost in past!

2015 and life in general would offer some good days and some bad days obviously but don’t get arrogant in good days and don’t loose hope in bad days.

Don’t take all credit for success neither blame others for failure, just keep moving, spreading happiness and cheer and remember the motive – we are here to make our life beautiful and for others around us.

Don’t look for happiness, create it with LAYWi!

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Life is a Journey, wisdom is knowing what path to take and integrity is taking the journey.


What’s LAYWi ?


LAYWi, is platform which you can use to Define Life you want, Refine to see the gap you have between you of today and you of your dreams. Once you know the gap, you can plan to Achieve them using projects containing tasks in time-bound manner.

LAYWi is about your life, your dreams, your projects, self learning and awareness, journey towards your happiness which depends on your self actualisation. It can’t be three click public affair, its Sacred! It would take time, patience & understanding – its just one LIFE you have, plan to be what you want to be, Live and achieve your dreams and not others!


Why LAYWi?


One thing that unites us as humans irrespective of geographic, social or religious differences and that is the intrinsic drive to dream, dream of better tomorrow, better relationships, better jobs or career prospects, better life in general.

Apart from these, there are other intrinsic characteristics of humans – to be good, to improve, seek security, be social and so on. And we are no exception and LAYWi is our reflection of Roadmap & tools to achieve our dreams.

All these are what makes us human and sets us apart from any other living species. And whenever we turn our back on any of them, we turn our back to happiness and our purpose of existence to certain extend and we are less of being we were suppose to be.

Its not that, any of us can achieve anything and everything but we surely are talented enough to have something unique in us, something unique only we can achieve. But to discover that we need to undertake a journey of self awareness to self actualisation, that’s what LAYWi is all about – Your Journey, your Life! Its best taken inside out!

It is never too late to be what you might have been. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.


The Roadmap


LAYWi_AreasDefine: Self Awareness

What defines you as person, what makes up your life?

At end of this section, you would have all your relevant information & knowledge catalog at proper place systemically which could be search, set reminder on, store attachment against, maintain notes and shareable with relevant people. Mind would be free to think new ideas and ways to achieve them rather then doing chores of remembering things and dates.

LAYWi covers all important areas to help you create a happy and successful life. Learn more



Refine: Self Profiling

Here you start your journey towards life you want, you discover your strengths, weakness, You essay your vision, discover and form your value system for life. Learn more.


Align and Achieve: Self Actualisation

Here all your Defined and Refined information comes together and you embark upon your journey. Prioritising your goals, align resources and executing your projects to achieve Life you want. Learn more.


The Tools

Content Organiser

Gives LAYWi users space to organise their digital contents securely at one place.

Also gives ability to set reminders on them, share them, access them from anywhere, suggest the necessary documents toLAYWi_Tools be digitalised and many more features.


Connect to people you know or want to connect, communicate with them, sharing their and your expertise to enrich both lives, engage with common goals, happiness and sharing the same.


Dashboard gives you snapshot of your engagement with LAYWi, brief summary and a measure of most important areas of your life.


It also give you view of your day, week and month, all your reminders and scheduled tasks / events.


Gives you ability to manage all your favourites at one place, may it be Restaurants, Recipes, Books, Locations, websites and so forth.

Just create your own category and/or sub categories to arrange your favourites in best possible manner which suits you.


Gives you ability to manage all your Journal or Notes or information to be gathered in an organised manner.

Users can create as many diaries as they want, tag them for better search, ability to format you entries, share them securely and much more.

To Do List

Gives you ability to manage all your To Do list needs. List can be as a simple check list or you can have additional features such as action by date, comments, reminders, priority etc.


The Complete Picture


LAYWi CompleteBeside providing a framework that helps you define your roadmap for life and set of tools to help you realize it. LAYWi is full of best practices at heart which intrinsically help you achieve your goals and happiness.

And above all, we care and we want to improve continuous ours and yours life!


Now that you have 40% infrastructure ready to succeed in life, other 60% depends on your purpose for life, your persistence, dedication, passion and willingness to walk extra mile to make a difference, to achieve what you always wanted. Go on!

We would never promise it would be easy but we do promise it would be worth while!


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Start yours, Sign-up for Free!

Dream it, Do it!

“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.” ― Edgar Allan Poea

Poets and artists ever since their existence have had only one goal.. to express their inner most feelings, which are so carnal that words can’t lend meaning to them. As human beings we all have those internal urges to be that something that burns the light of our lives. The coinage of the word individual also corresponds to us being separate entities perceiving things differently.
This expression of our individuality has a lot of description in vocabulary. Some call it dreams, goals, yearning, calling etc. Everyone has an idea of how they want to see their lives evolve. Everyone where ever they are, everyone should dare to dream. Have a goal in life that wakes them in the morning, gets them through tough times. Having dreams is like defining your base or your core, everything thenceforth corresponds to it, which is how you live your true self.

We all know what we want and who we are but for some of us the noise of everything around numbs it down. In this case, what you must do is, act on your superficial urges, and as you embark your journey, the compass of your being, also called intuition, will enable you to see what your true desires are. Sounds a bit out there? But let me explain, our perceptions is build on what we already know, for instance if we liked Leonardo di caprio movies there is a bigger chance we’d want to see his new movies, since we’ve formed an opinion that his movies are good. Overtime in life we tend to form fixed pattern of incidence that happen to us and enable us to understand our lives and what works for us. This pattern is called intuition, which is a guide to us capabilities and desires. As you embark on upon achievement of a goal, you will come to evaluate what paths to take. The moral of the story is, cultivate dreams and goals, no matter what they are, you will ultimately get there albeit a little delay.

Dreams are our only connection to the divine.

It is importantdream to stand for something, than to fall for nothing.
Start our journey with http://www.laywi.com, it’s a personal development website, with a penchant for project management, called align and achieve. Register and evaluate your current self and analyze what can be bettered or what would you like to be bettered and create projects to achieve it. The project management tool gives you the option to customize your projects, document every aspect important to you,make lists, create tasks under it. http://www.laywi.com is a skeleton to base your plans on. The first planning is the hardest, but also the one step that helps you gain momentum towards a life that you want.

The dynamics of LAYWi’ project planning are based on renowned theories of motivation and human behaviors which is bound to give you the edge that a plan planner won’t.
So, register today, http://www.laywi.com.

Be yourself, Everybody else is taken already!

The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.― Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is very easy to forget who you are in this era where too much information is headed our way from every direction. socialmedianoise2It gets difficult to know what you have is worth so much, when the media is blaring in your face about what’s in and what’s out, telling you how to life your life. Life is becoming standardized, individuality is drowning, making us all into some sort of drones who must follow the latest of everything on the TV or you are failing at life. So you are forced to be a part of this rat race, which is only going to rob you of your entire life.


Life is transitory and so is everything in it. Life is not supposed to be lived by a standard set by someone else; it should be lived by your own standards. What makes you happy and what you enjoy doing, because ultimately you are running the rat race hoping to be happy one day far in the future, why not be happy right here, right now.

Start by appreciating yourself. No one is perfect, but you are the perfect YOU. Inquire deep into who you are, what you like. Write them down on a piece of paper. Try making a random list of things you like and dislike. This list will also acquaint you with the bits of you, you didn’t think existed before hence making you appreciate the person that you are and diverting focus more on the inside. Write down your dreams, but don’t forget to quell all outside influence, just you and what you really want. This can be an amazingly liberating exercise.

Goto www.laywi.com, this website has an option of creating diaries where you can create these lists, from anywhere and projects creation tools, to make plans for dreams. Since it’s online, you don’t have to make special time for it, everything can be done on the go.

Once you start appreciating yourself, you will start doing things that make you happy and feel worth your while. Start by taking up small projects that you can handle, it should help gain confidence in your chosen path.  For example if you have decided that you want to take up a course in English Literature, start with a month long course, instead committing to something substantial and feeling overwhelmed later. Set reminders everyday to remind you why you are doing this, and don’t hesitate to make the necessary adjustments as you go.


It important to stay focused on what you want. Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen. If you are waiting to go on that trip overseas, start saving now. Make it happen. If you are not happy with your job, talk to your boss.Youself

Set priorities and don’t compromise on them. Don’t change your plan, because someone else might get offended. You alone can control how you feel, same goes for anyone else.

And it all comes down to what you want to believe, happiness is choice. It’s not something that happens. So chose to be happy and healthy. You can have the life that you want by deliberate planning and staying true to yourself.

Because you can’t block all the noise outside but you can control how you react to it and hence the process of appreciating who you are and what you have, will help you become confident and stop the process of external approval seeking. This process will help you live your life as you want.

Website www.laywi.com is designed in such a way, as to help people discover their strengthens and weaknesses. It has tools for project management, diary keeping, list selections etc and many more. LAYWi has been pioneered for wholesome personal development. All your data would be in one place, safe and highly accessible.

Sow a plan, Reap a dream!

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”  – Warren Buffett

If wishes were horses, pigs would fly; this statement makes absolutely no sense, and not difficult to see how ridiculous it is. But the point it is trying to make is a valuable lesson, just hoping isn’t enough, to manifest our dreams we need align our dreams with real plans.

Sometimes I wonder if planning and habits come from the same family. Have you noticed how habits happen automatically without us even having to instigate them, which saves a lot of resources, mental capacity- a habit is triggered within seconds of coming in contact with stimuli? Habits are programs that run over and over without us having to call them. It is essential for our survival and minimizes the process of decision making hence stress. Similarly planning also serves the same purpose. It’s not as simple as habit, but its self-preprogrammed response to a future event. Although planning is different in the sense that plans can be altered but it still lays down the ground for what path has to be follow. But then again habits are just instances of our character but plans are instances of our lives.

Day 4 - Pic 1

Stephen Covey in his best seller books ‘Seven habits of highly effective people’ states that to achieve a goal, one should start backwards. It’s all very well but what does it mean? What that means is, figure out how the end result of a particular goal look like. If you are planning to get your dream job, then imagine in your head, what is sort of organization you want to work for, the work culture, the work you would be doing etc. Alter this plan in your mind, till you completely satisfied with the outcome.

Now put this in a process:

First step: Think of what goal you would like to accomplish.

Second Step: Break the bigger goal down into smaller goals.

Step Three: Break these smaller goals into precise actionable items. These actionable items should be achievable and realistic for you.

These steps are pretty basic and somewhat vague. They tell you what to do, but how? Look at these steps as bigger goals. Day 1 Pic 4Also if you know what has to be done to achieve goals, the problem arises when it is time to follow through. Plus if you are new to trying this out and are shy to seek help from anyone else, it can become a bit challenging, and the mind is always full of self defeating thoughts when faced with a newer unknown situation.

So what do you to overcome it!?

Don’t you wish you had a tool or an app that could provide with all the pre-requisites to design a project to achieve your goals and help you though till you achieve you mission? A project management tool, that helps to record every detail down to end bit. Had functionalities like to-do lists, checklists, Template to evaluate your success, maintain separate sub tasks for the project.

People at LAYWi, does exactly that. www.laywi.com is a website designed for project management as one its core functionalities. LAYWi helps you manage all aspects of your life, whether they be personal, professional, health or wealth. So it makes it easy to segregate various goals that you might have.


Project management on www.laywi.com lets you plan the most detailed project for your goals. You can reminders related to the project on the website, set alarms for a specific task related to the project. The most interesting part is you can create a benefit template, where you list the benefits you expect to reap from your goals and evaluate your current state, and as you go along, you can re-valuate and see you progress on the gauge meters which tell your progress and distance left to achieving the goal.

Can you run multiple projects on the website, schedule some for the future, unscheduled a current projects. It is beyond your imagination convenient. And project management is only one of LAYWi amazing functionalities. Check out other blogs for more information.

It’s free and highly secure. So, give it a try. Life as you want it, awaits you.

Mind Over Matter!

“Unless you know where you are going then you will not know how to get there.” – Stephen Richards

Sight is the noisiest of all the senses. Sight adds objectivity to the world around us. To see is to manifest our thoughts and ideas in the real world. Even when we hear something in the distance, we visualize where the sound is coming from to make sense of it, or while reading a book, you create images inside your head to comprehend the happenings in the book. Even people born with vision defects have the power of imagination. This is the power of vision, of visualization.

Vision 3

Vision is where the creation of all possibilities starts. Creative Visualization is a technique where one visualizes the ideal outcomes and accepts them as the truth and leads on to achieve their goals. For example, a person has to imagine how it feels to get good grades, to realize how good it would feel to have good grades, which would in turn would motivate them to achieve set goal to achieve good grades. But this is a reward based example. Here motivation comes from the desire of getting a reward at the end of a process. One can use visualization for so much more than just a reward.

In sports psychology, the technique of visualizing the win is widely popular. Imaging the win, floods an athlete’s body with adrenalin enhancing the performance.  Visualization removes distractions; because the focus and the energy is now pinned on the thoughts of winning and nothing else.

Visualization can work for anyone and anywhere. To try a bit of it find a quite place, with minimum distractions, close your eyes, and meditate on a happy memory from your past. Think of the place, setting, people, actions, recreate the whole memory. Feel it happening. When done, open your eyes, feel how refreshed and happy you are. That’s the power of thoughts. If recalling a past memory can bring back the same happiness then why not imagining the future bring the same too?

Create a vivid image of your future. For instance you want that lean body, which you have been trying to achieve for a million years but are always tired after work to hit the gym. On your back from work, imagine how good you would look and how great you would feel once you have attained your ideal body. After you have started to feel inspired, take action, write down your goals and its objectives. Break the goal into achievable bits. Start small, build momentum . Remember, its mind over matter.

In my last blog I had discussed the importance of penning down things. Penning down thoughts can actually have a concretizing effect on our resolve. So start today, decide on an area in your life which you want to improve and visualize how you would ideally like it to be. After you know what you want, break this vision down into small objectives/goals. Decide on a process to achieve these objectives. Visualize it all in your mind and put it down somewhere. And the great part about this is, as you follow this process, you will gain deeper insight into what you want and clarity on what makes you happy. Alter and tweak the process; objectives anytime you feel like.

Goto www.laywi.com, to get access to a whole section on creating Vision, the site even assists with recording mission and objectives under visions. You can even designate time period to your vision, missions and objectives to be achieved within.

Vision 1

It categorizes visions under different areas like Relationship, Well-being, Wealth, Professional and Personal development. You can go ahead then create projects to execute, monitor and achieve your vision. Of course its simpler said then done but then as Socrates said “the life which is unexamined is not worth living“.(Site  http://www.laywi.com) Importantly it’s online, so you access it from anywhere, its very secured and its free!

Vision 2