Self Appraisal

Hello there!

I am founder of LAYWi (Life As You Want it / I designed and my team develop this internet platform for personal development and personal organisation. We had fair success but recently I have lost momentum and need to carry it forward!

So I am trying to gather my thoughts around three important attributes of personality which stands between me and my goals.

I would really appreciated feedback / comments on the way I think about these attributes and trying to resolve my approach.

Attribute 1: Ability – Possession of the means or skills to do something.
Big Claim – We are always capable of doing much more then we generally do!


  • Quite often we aren’t motivated enough (I am motivated)
  • Can’t see bigger picture or bigger picture is blur (I can see the bigger pictures too)
  • We did not started with end in mind and can’t be bothered  (I have end in mind too)


  • Build momentum via small wins (I lacked these smalls wins I believe in continuous manner)
  • Envision the journey from start to end (I have done this many times)
  • See the rewards clearly at end (I can see that)

Attribute 2: Motivation – Self drive or reason for behaving in particular manner or way!

Big Claim – Motivation determines what we do!


  • Other aspects or offering of life are more motivating which give instant pleasure
  • Superficial wins over deep rooted motivation (Limbic part of brain which control emotions wins against Frontal Lobe – logical part of brain)


  • Align one’s needs and wants (Seems I have both going in different directions for now)?
  • Get emotional attached to what you one’s want to achieve in life?

Attribute 3: Attitude – Settled way of thinking or feeling about something

Big Claim – Attitude determine how well we do it?


  • Is Attitude determination or discipline or dedication?
  • Or is Attitude  open minded but unwavering commitment ?


  • Still trying to figure out right attitude?

Thank you!!

Spirits for New Year!

Welcome to 2015 – Its a beautiful and amazing world! Well at least for most part (ignoring mindless and directionless terrorists & psychopaths ). Since we have limited time on this planet and generally speaking this time always seems to be very short,  so lets try to make best of it (starting with 2015)!

We have so much to see, experience, imbibe in life on this planet that we don’t have much time to waste, possibilities are limitless, we can be anybody or do anything –

So lets do something new everyday,
Learn something new
Understand something new

When in doubt – it always better to regret after doing something (taking common sense into account) rather then regretting not doing it. After doing something even if we don’t get anything or succeed in purpose, we would still get very valuable experience.

Experience everything but don’t get addicted to anything for experience is valuable. Experience would help us differentiate between right and wrong. They would prevent us from making mistakes by nurturing our brain which store common sensical neurons!

But don’t be sacred of making mistakes, for they only make mistakes who do something or try something.

Take Responsibility of your mistakes, rectify them.

Forgive others mistakes and give them time and chance to rectify them. No one (sane) makes mistake on purpose neither they behave badly on purpose.

We don’t know what others are going through in life so treat everyone the way you treat yourself, give them same chance as  you would give to yourself, with lenient with others as you are with yourself (at least), respect everyone, trust everyone and most importantly love everyone!

We don’t have enough love in this world and we all can do with extra love!  So don’t be shy in asking for love neither in giving or showing love.

Life is too short to be shy or to be hesitant, dance with your heart even if you don’t know, sing with your heart even if you aren’t good at it.

Eat to your heart’s content, laugh loudly (spreading the cheer) and cry like baby (share emotional transparency)!

Don’t let your heart grow old (when body grows), for day we loose our child like innocence or attitude towards life, life would seems different, most optimistically put.

Think about future but don’t worry about it, remember the past but don’t get lost in past!

2015 and life in general would offer some good days and some bad days obviously but don’t get arrogant in good days and don’t loose hope in bad days.

Don’t take all credit for success neither blame others for failure, just keep moving, spreading happiness and cheer and remember the motive – we are here to make our life beautiful and for others around us.

The 7 Habits of Highly effective People- 2

This is a follow up blog to our previous blog on ‘The 7 habits of highly effective people’(  This blog is dedicated to the second part of the book which emphasizes on synergy and clean intentions to get ahead in pursuit of an ideal life.

The three habits that are covered in this blog are: Think win-win, seek first to understand, then be understood, Synergize.

The first habit in this section Think win-win, is a lesson in humanity we all must learn. We must know every situation is created twice, once in thought and another time when it is manifested in reality, this is no spiritual gyan, but a fact. To cause harm, you have first perceive harm.  This habit preaches to always take decision that is beneficial as a whole. Thinking win-win will ensure you are leaving behind enough goodwill in case you have to detour or go back. Plus mostly, if you are normal person (read not a narcissist/megalomaniac) positivity in your work and relationships will strengthen your confidence, making you take those many more chances.

The second habit of ‘Seek first to understand, then be understood’ is also in line with the fourth habit of the book, and the one discussed immediately above. A person must step into the shoes of his colleague or friend to understand what makes them tick. This is useful in many ways, such as when an argument is struck, you feel in control since you know what place they are coming from, and it will also help you come with a suitable peace offering thereby salvaging the blow to the relationship and continuing on your path to your goal.

The third habit in the second part ‘Synergy’ preaches us to include people in our journey toward our goals after we have incorporated the above two habits. It preaches us to feel free to include people, as long as they benefit out of them too. Great men always preach to ask for help, it is also a skill, and not everyone can feel entitled to it. But if you have developed the above habits, you will be able to master this skill as well. The key is open discussion of your ideas and thinking of your team as equal partners in the process.



Developing the above habits will engrain in you the habit for creating, so no matter where you are stuck in life, you will always be able to create opportunity to live as you want it.


The habit above can easily be defined as values, and a value system shows in the essence of everything one does, guide you and keeps you true to yourself. And one can only excel when they have a handle on what results they truly want.

Follow the Trail…

Knowing, wanting and doing are very powerful words. They mean transition, movement and its these words that are the music of life keeping us dancing. And just like music is for grooving, life is for living. Living and existing are two different things, you exist to live, and you live to just live. Just like it’s unnatural for most birds to not take flight, its unnatural for us to not live. What wings are to a bird, is what intelligence and free will is to humans.  We must use it. We must dream, reflect on our essential urges, and think about what we can do with what we’ve been blessed with.

We must use our imagination to examine our lives. What can we do? What do we want to do? If you live inactively, you will miss out on this wonderful and probably the only  experience called life, it doesn’t come back, so drop all you fears of failing, lagging behind, not being good enough, to soar through the skies of life.

There is no science to this, you just do it. So if you have a dream, start working toward it. Now, it’s a fact that not everyone can be Madame Curie or Picasso, but that shouldn’t be the point, the point is to do, and to live out your life to maximum you can. Don’t let capitalistic media take away you joy of living; don’t keep standards that don’t apply to you. Make your own plans and decide on your own success.

The first step towards becoming enlightened to your own senses is to shake off all the prior expectation and make room for your own self to have a say in what you want. Start a journal, reflect on what you like and why you like it, think about what you would regret not doing 10 years from now, think about what are your values.

Make a plan, however insignificant it maybe, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, it’s a law of the natural world, every action will grant you that much wisdom. The point is intending to do something and that something might not be what you thought it would be, but you will be that much wiser.  Failure is not what you think it is, it’s a just an outcome that you didn’t want to see. So make plans, execute them, and grab the experience by the scruff and live!

Read more, watch more documentaries, idolize people, love plants, anything that makes you forget about you mortality is a good sign; it means that you are on the right path, you are living.

Be ambitious. Plan. Do more. Make every sec count. Make informed choices.

So, take a tablet and tap away making plans to conquer your world while you still can, keep yourself surrounded by what you want to see manifest in the future, immediate or later. Because that is what will keep the distractions and unwarranted influences away, allowing you to be original and true to your being.

The blog has been presented to you by a team which is developing a website/ tool, a website which is here to encourage you to live out the life that you want.  The website has inbuilt tools and apps that let you design your life in a way, that you are able to control most of the inputs and decidedly a lot of output as well. So register right away and surround yourself with influences, living the life a YOU want it.

Top Tips to Stay Motivated!

Motivation is the force that propels us into action; it can be both negative and positive. Either you are motivated by I’m going to get fired if I don’t get it done or you are motivated by I must get this done, so I can get the most juice out my time. Motivation that is positive will always leave you more energized than negative motivation, which will drain and stress you out. Like all thinking, positive motivation is also a habit that you can consciously develop.

Here are a few ways to keep yourself pepped through the day:-

1)      Always think positive: No matter how hard your day has been, just keep patience and chant’ this will get better’. Even if you are stuck in a pickle, thinking positive will feed you energy to get through the task with minimum damage. Once you master the habit of reining in your negative thought patterns, you will realize, things will happen, good or bad, the way you react to is all you can control. When you realize this that will be reward enough.

2)      Make a public commitment: Announcing your intentions publicly to take up a project will ensure that you stick to it more than just thinking you will take up this goal . It maybe social anxiety that initially encourages you to stick it through but the more important thing is to begin.

3)      Create a healthy competitive environment: Competition is a great motivator. Harness it to achieve your goals. Whether it is competing within or without. See how your friends are doing. If they can do 50 pushups, try 60 or if they are taking more responsibility at work, you can mimic the same or more. Just observe what others are up to and you will notice your internal barometer of wellness automatically starts setting higher goals to maintain your top position or improve on your second or third best position.

4)      Keep a diary: Record your goals and plans daily in a journal.  What you want to achieve and why. How will you get around to completing a goal? What did you do today that made you that much closer to a goal? Record all your achievement and setbacks. Our mind is wired to see what we consider significant to getting closer to our deepest desires. Hence this process will help stay on track and motivate you to envision your achievements.

5)      Envision your goal: envisioning your goals will keep you motivated, as the more you think about achieving your goals, the more the mind will perceive it coming true. An event is always created twice, once in the mind then in reality. So write down your visions and how will you make it come true, spend some time every day, revising it or amending it.

6)      Be persistent: no matter how tired you are, do something that gives you the sense that you spent time furthering your goal. This will keep your motivation levels up for the next time. Because the guilt of having skipped a day might derail you from confronting a task the next day, so stay persistent, even if you hurts a little bit.

7)      Talk back to the negativity: If you mind hurls negativity at you, don’t quit, confront and tackle it. Don’t let negativity get to you and make you quit. If you do, it will come back to haunt any time else you might want to take up in the future. It is a habit. Staying motivated and at it, is habit that will reap rewards for long term.

8)      Reward yourself: this is important, break your goals down into smaller tasks and reward yourself for completing those tasks. Keep monitoring your progress. It will generate enough motivation for you get another task done.

9)      Don’t be complacent: now it may be important to pat yourself on the back for achieving completion of a task, it is also important to not become complacent about your goals. Remember motivation is a habit, and you will have to follow the same rules for the same results.

10)   Get started: Just start, even if you might not have all resources spread out, just start, start by making plan to acquire resources. Keep your expectation to a minimum and plan to a maximum.

11)   Plan; envision; set goals; review progress; reward yourself; stick it out and repeat!

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Laywi.comThe less we use a muscle, the more entropy it goes through. For example, say a person usage of their legs is minimum, he sits all day at work and then takes the elevator that goes directly to the parking lot and his car is parked right out front. Goes home, lodges himself in front of TV while he is served food in his bed. This routine would send a message to the brain to stop sending blood to minimum used part of the body and when this happens regularly, due to decreased nutrients, the muscles in the leg deteriorates and if this is not realized in time, permanent damage will ensue.

In a day like today, gym membership is as much a part of our lives as is a health insurance, but how many of these gym members regularly follow an exercise routine? Maybe a 50% or less I say from what I have seen of the world around me. With even right intentions and motivation, a lot of struggle to live healthy, why you ask? Because we don’t set out goals for ourselves. We forget to layout what from A to B means for us. The TV commercials can only motivate you join the revolution but not tell you what to do when you’re in it!

This is where LAYWi comes in. is a website designed to address all you planning and organizing needs. This blog will focus on how to plan your physical fitness and health using the platform LAYWi developed.

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