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Life’s libretto and LAYWi

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Recently I came across an old diary of mine wherein, with the rose tinted vision of a 16 year old, I had listed out all that I would accomplish by the time I was 21… 25…30 and so on. Going by that very orderly plan, apart from the fact that I was supposed to have the world at my feet long ago, I was also not supposed to lose sight of what my priorities in life really were – a classic case of mistaking the forest for the trees. Yes job, career, money and marriage all were and still are important. But so am “I”. Somewhere in the various roles that I play, the masks that I don, the real “me” was lost. Then I realised that what my goals and priorities were and still are- as a mother, a wife, a career woman- and as a human being needs to be redefined, yet again, perhaps on a regular basis.

I’m one of the old school people – pen and paper work best for me. There is a charm in sitting on a wooden desk overlooking the hills, picking up a pen, a fountain pen especially, and scribbling on a piece of paper- very aristocratic, very Elizabethan. The only problem is that these pages or diaries are quite likely to get misplaced at best or completely mauled by your child-dog duo. Besides once again the risk of just focusing on the tangible goals or life visions looms large- “lose 5kgs in next 2months”; “get a promotion in next 6 months”- all tangible and thus easy to define. What happens to the not so tangible things but those that probably matter infinitely more- “don’t fly off the handle at every instance, learn to take time out daily for yourself, read more, and spend more time with your family”. Is there a chance that, without guidance, I’ll jot down these things? I don’t think so.

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Then I came across LAYWI (Life as you want it). Truth be told, my initial reaction was nothing very positive. I mean I’ve never been too fond of the management/corporate and self help lingo. Stating everything in black and white seemed a bit too childish. How was I supposed to “define myself”, “refine” and “align”? As I kept browsing through the pages, there seemed a method to the madness most of all in the “well being section” that talks of “physical”, “mental”, and “spiritual” well being. Yeah I’ve heard of all that plenty. But when it came to articulating what I aspired to in that sphere, specially the mental and spiritual, I was at a loss. And therein, I realised, lay my problem. When you cannot articulate something, how can you pursue it, let alone realise it? Yes we all want peace, calm, no stress but what do we do towards realising it? Pretty much nothing. Chasing impossible deadlines at work day after day, spending lesser time with yourself and your dear ones and we wonder why we have no peace or calm!

As I switch on my laptop every morning, I simultaneously log into LAYWI. I’m far from even filling in all my life’s goals or the like but am beginning to get a clearer picture of what is it that I truly want and value in life. A “well being” goal of spending more time with my son has made me realise the need for such time to be other than that devoted to school work and the urgency of not shouting him down at every pretext. At the end of each day, we just lie down and discuss his life’s big plans. Am I sleeping better after that? Way better than I did after finishing off some office assignment in the middle of the night. And with LAYWI it’s just the beginning of a life much better managed and thus much better lived. It’s finally the beginning of life as “I” want it !!

I’ve never been a great one at penning down.

Timing it!

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. – William Penn

Most of us miss out on living our dreams because we misjudge time. We think we have plenty of it later but it’s the most commonly told lie we tell ourselves and others. But what really compels us to delegate everything to a later time in life is the fact that we haven’t thought through our intentions properly. We have just assumed that this would be good for us, hence we must take it up later sometime in the future!Image

Every individual has different needs, because we experience things differently, hence the ingredients might be the same, the recipe is always different for everyone and we must recognize our individuality before we set out to make plans. Because our minds will never put off an event which fits seamlessly in our web of needs as individuals.Image

So thinking things through and tailor making the plan for our lives is must to live a fulfilling life. Also known as active living.

Actively recognizing individual values and experiences will help you confront who you are and what you can become.

LAYWi (, a web based personal development website which aims to provide a platform, where every aspect of one’s life can be documented and planned. Once the process of documentation is initiated, it’s also the beginning of weaving a plan to consciously to attain further understanding of how you want to live your life.

Time is of essence always. Once you recognize time passing, you recognize life flow. Take charge of how you plan your time. Put a time tag on everything you do. Once you set a mental alarm for something, it will always go off, it’s your choice to stop it or hit the snooze button. is designed precisely to help you organize you daily or medium/long term goals. Register today to live the life as you want it.


One leap forward- LAYWi

Content is the currency of the social web and sharing that content is the catalyst to new relationships and business benefits – Mark Schaefer

In this new age, information sharing is the pulse of our lives. Information is no longer restricted by borders, cultures, languages or as matter of fact needs. We are swimming in the ocean of information. Marketers and promoters are spending millions on trying to analyze patterns and habits of consumers, more millions in trying to influence these choices and habits. This is the evolution of human interaction. Internet is like the mother brain, it has all the thoughts of all the people stored on it. Anything you imagine is available online for you to further your direction. And one thought has million variations too.Image

With the advent of social media, most of our social interactions have already been digitized. Sure, most people believe it can’t be replaced for face to face communication, but what you see now, is the most amazing amalgamation of real interaction with digital media via instagram or 4chan and the likes.

The next big step towards digital revolution is going to be our ability to digitize every meaningful aspect of our life, so that our mind is free from all the distraction and can operate at maximum capacity. Although there are website that cater to some of those needs, such as creating checklists, storing medical history, food journaling, setting reminders etc. they are all on different platforms, and disconnected from each other. Hence you are forced to choose your favorites.

LAYWi, aka life as you want it, is an umbrella website for all your organizing and developmental needs. What gives it the unique flavor is the fact, that everything from checklist, to-do lists, reminders, journaling, organizing you medical history/financial/education etc and more, are on one platform and they are connected. There is continuity, for instance if you organizing you medical history, say it’s a BP related case, you can create a project under the websites “align and achieve” tab to manage and objectify your progress or recovery.  Or maybe its related to your education, you can not only organize and store all your important documents on the website, like in the earlier case, further project creation and objectifying your future plans can be done.Image

One of the finest features of the website is that you can attach /organize your documents on LAWYi as well. So not only do you upload your documents but you document your documents. Freeing up future worrying and it also gives your chance to think about the situation while you actively document an event.

You can read our previous blogs ( to know about the benefits or documenting and project creation. The whole emphasis of LAYWi is to provide you with the ultimate digital experience where you never have to carry weighty baggage, both physical and emotional with you anymore. You can unload all you ideas and plans on the and live the life as you want it.

And this is just the beginning, LAYWi is one leap forward into the future of how we perceive  being online and live our lives online.