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Knowing, wanting and doing are very powerful words. They mean transition, movement and its these words that are the music of life keeping us dancing. And just like music is for grooving, life is for living. Living and existing are two different things, you exist to live, and you live to just live. Just like it’s unnatural for most birds to not take flight, its unnatural for us to not live. What wings are to a bird, is what intelligence and free will is to humans.  We must use it. We must dream, reflect on our essential urges, and think about what we can do with what we’ve been blessed with.

We must use our imagination to examine our lives. What can we do? What do we want to do? If you live inactively, you will miss out on this wonderful and probably the only  experience called life, it doesn’t come back, so drop all you fears of failing, lagging behind, not being good enough, to soar through the skies of life.

There is no science to this, you just do it. So if you have a dream, start working toward it. Now, it’s a fact that not everyone can be Madame Curie or Picasso, but that shouldn’t be the point, the point is to do, and to live out your life to maximum you can. Don’t let capitalistic media take away you joy of living; don’t keep standards that don’t apply to you. Make your own plans and decide on your own success.

The first step towards becoming enlightened to your own senses is to shake off all the prior expectation and make room for your own self to have a say in what you want. Start a journal, reflect on what you like and why you like it, think about what you would regret not doing 10 years from now, think about what are your values.

Make a plan, however insignificant it maybe, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, it’s a law of the natural world, every action will grant you that much wisdom. The point is intending to do something and that something might not be what you thought it would be, but you will be that much wiser.  Failure is not what you think it is, it’s a just an outcome that you didn’t want to see. So make plans, execute them, and grab the experience by the scruff and live!

Read more, watch more documentaries, idolize people, love plants, anything that makes you forget about you mortality is a good sign; it means that you are on the right path, you are living.

Be ambitious. Plan. Do more. Make every sec count. Make informed choices.

So, take a tablet and tap away making plans to conquer your world while you still can, keep yourself surrounded by what you want to see manifest in the future, immediate or later. Because that is what will keep the distractions and unwarranted influences away, allowing you to be original and true to your being.

The blog has been presented to you by a team which is developing a website/ tool, a website which is here to encourage you to live out the life that you want.  The website has inbuilt tools and apps that let you design your life in a way, that you are able to control most of the inputs and decidedly a lot of output as well. So register right away and surround yourself with influences, living the life a YOU want it.

Life’s libretto and LAYWi

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Recently I came across an old diary of mine wherein, with the rose tinted vision of a 16 year old, I had listed out all that I would accomplish by the time I was 21… 25…30 and so on. Going by that very orderly plan, apart from the fact that I was supposed to have the world at my feet long ago, I was also not supposed to lose sight of what my priorities in life really were – a classic case of mistaking the forest for the trees. Yes job, career, money and marriage all were and still are important. But so am “I”. Somewhere in the various roles that I play, the masks that I don, the real “me” was lost. Then I realised that what my goals and priorities were and still are- as a mother, a wife, a career woman- and as a human being needs to be redefined, yet again, perhaps on a regular basis.

I’m one of the old school people – pen and paper work best for me. There is a charm in sitting on a wooden desk overlooking the hills, picking up a pen, a fountain pen especially, and scribbling on a piece of paper- very aristocratic, very Elizabethan. The only problem is that these pages or diaries are quite likely to get misplaced at best or completely mauled by your child-dog duo. Besides once again the risk of just focusing on the tangible goals or life visions looms large- “lose 5kgs in next 2months”; “get a promotion in next 6 months”- all tangible and thus easy to define. What happens to the not so tangible things but those that probably matter infinitely more- “don’t fly off the handle at every instance, learn to take time out daily for yourself, read more, and spend more time with your family”. Is there a chance that, without guidance, I’ll jot down these things? I don’t think so.

Dashboard 1

Then I came across LAYWI (Life as you want it). Truth be told, my initial reaction was nothing very positive. I mean I’ve never been too fond of the management/corporate and self help lingo. Stating everything in black and white seemed a bit too childish. How was I supposed to “define myself”, “refine” and “align”? As I kept browsing through the pages, there seemed a method to the madness most of all in the “well being section” that talks of “physical”, “mental”, and “spiritual” well being. Yeah I’ve heard of all that plenty. But when it came to articulating what I aspired to in that sphere, specially the mental and spiritual, I was at a loss. And therein, I realised, lay my problem. When you cannot articulate something, how can you pursue it, let alone realise it? Yes we all want peace, calm, no stress but what do we do towards realising it? Pretty much nothing. Chasing impossible deadlines at work day after day, spending lesser time with yourself and your dear ones and we wonder why we have no peace or calm!

As I switch on my laptop every morning, I simultaneously log into LAYWI. I’m far from even filling in all my life’s goals or the like but am beginning to get a clearer picture of what is it that I truly want and value in life. A “well being” goal of spending more time with my son has made me realise the need for such time to be other than that devoted to school work and the urgency of not shouting him down at every pretext. At the end of each day, we just lie down and discuss his life’s big plans. Am I sleeping better after that? Way better than I did after finishing off some office assignment in the middle of the night. And with LAYWI it’s just the beginning of a life much better managed and thus much better lived. It’s finally the beginning of life as “I” want it !!

I’ve never been a great one at penning down.