Spirits for New Year!

Welcome to 2015 – Its a beautiful and amazing world! Well at least for most part (ignoring mindless and directionless terrorists & psychopaths ). Since we have limited time on this planet and generally speaking this time always seems to be very short,  so lets try to make best of it (starting with 2015)!

We have so much to see, experience, imbibe in life on this planet that we don’t have much time to waste, possibilities are limitless, we can be anybody or do anything –

So lets do something new everyday,
Learn something new
Understand something new

When in doubt – it always better to regret after doing something (taking common sense into account) rather then regretting not doing it. After doing something even if we don’t get anything or succeed in purpose, we would still get very valuable experience.

Experience everything but don’t get addicted to anything for experience is valuable. Experience would help us differentiate between right and wrong. They would prevent us from making mistakes by nurturing our brain which store common sensical neurons!

But don’t be sacred of making mistakes, for they only make mistakes who do something or try something.

Take Responsibility of your mistakes, rectify them.

Forgive others mistakes and give them time and chance to rectify them. No one (sane) makes mistake on purpose neither they behave badly on purpose.

We don’t know what others are going through in life so treat everyone the way you treat yourself, give them same chance as  you would give to yourself, with lenient with others as you are with yourself (at least), respect everyone, trust everyone and most importantly love everyone!

We don’t have enough love in this world and we all can do with extra love!  So don’t be shy in asking for love neither in giving or showing love.

Life is too short to be shy or to be hesitant, dance with your heart even if you don’t know, sing with your heart even if you aren’t good at it.

Eat to your heart’s content, laugh loudly (spreading the cheer) and cry like baby (share emotional transparency)!

Don’t let your heart grow old (when body grows), for day we loose our child like innocence or attitude towards life, life would seems different, most optimistically put.

Think about future but don’t worry about it, remember the past but don’t get lost in past!

2015 and life in general would offer some good days and some bad days obviously but don’t get arrogant in good days and don’t loose hope in bad days.

Don’t take all credit for success neither blame others for failure, just keep moving, spreading happiness and cheer and remember the motive – we are here to make our life beautiful and for others around us.

Goals Achievement made Easy

Close your eyes and imagine being at a wonderful location like the hills with clouds descending at your feet and sipping on a delightful tea, I bet you can almost feel how unbelievable happy you would feel if this were happening to you. If you can imagine it happening then what is it that is stopping you from living this dream? Lack of Money or time or too many Obligations? But have you ever thought if you had deliberate plans of spending your days and/or weeks, you would be able to squeeze a lot more out of it ?

A lot of us spend our lives under the burden of uncertainty and fear of it. It doesn’t have to be that way, cultivating the habits of setting proper achievable goals can free us from most of the problems we face in life. Setting proper goals to live life a certain way that align with the values of your life can transform your living experience into days filled with purposeful events and general fulfillment.

Even people, who live the so called relaxed/bohemian life, plan their actions to be aligned with the values they abide their lives with.  The lesson here is knowing what you want and attaining it step by step and refining it as you go along.

One should think of goals as Russian nesting dolls, one goal should be an inset of another, everything you want to achieve in your life must contribute as a stroke in the portrait of your life. Because motivation is an intrinsic feeling which maximizes when there is least resistance.

One can follow simple steps to ensure that goals setting and achievement is a smooth process. You can also use www.laywi.com to ensure strong planning of each step. Laywi.com also helps you determine and establish a stronger value system that further helps you set more honest goals. Let us learn how to set achievable goals using www.laywi.com.Image

Set Written Goals: The obvious but most people often are misguided in their attempt to set realistic goals, not thinking about what they will have to do to achieve them but what the goals will do for them once they are fulfilled. Although it is crucial to imagine how the goal fulfillment will make them feel, but at the same time it’s also very important to tread lightly as to not startle yourself. Use LAYWi’s align and achieve to set written goals to the last detail. It is a very systematic process, firstly, a user sets their intention to achieve what they want using project definition, which includes whys and whats of the projects initiations, which also refines your thinking, in the sense it forces us to think it through. Further a user divides the project into various sub-tasks, where you can also set a trail of processor tasks and successor tasks.

Set deadlines: It is very important to give yourself a time frame within which you will achieve a certain sub-task, project and the time for evaluation for the overall project. LAYWi lets set time frame and the reminders for all. Any task or project nearing completion will pop up on your dashboard as a reminder of it. Plus you can set daily reminders also for task that you want to work deliberately on a daily basis.

Measurable goals: Again obvious but most of us forget that a goal is a means to an end, so should have measurable outcomes, LAYWi lets you set evaluations scales for all the objectives you set for a goal. For example, you are acquiring a new skill to reduce error and save time. The objectives you define in the project can then be used to be rated on a scale and the overall progress is shown on your dashboard.

Feedback: Acquiring feedback, you can share the values you establish in LAYWi’ value system with a friend or a peer on laywi.com to help you get a better feedback minus of self blinding biases, which will help a user understand the limitations they may possess and how to work around them.

Self feedback: Reflecting on your journey to achieve a goal using LAYWi diary can also help plan better goals and realistically. Plus it is right there for you to refer to anytime and from anywhere. LAWYi is a 100 percent secure.


S.M.A.R.T derived from the goal setting theory, which stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time targeted, is a recipe for  perfect goal setting, which has been imbibed in LAYWi, and made easy and more refined by additional features like sharing for feedback, diary, To-Do lists, Connect, Content organizer is a delight to use for personal or organizational use.


Sign up for your free account today and plan the life of your dreams.

Happy LAYWi-ing!!

Make it count!

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Every action we create has a consequence no matter how inconsequential it maybe in the bigger scheme of things. In physics it’s Newton’ “every action has an equal and opposite reactions”; in Buddhism it’s called Karma and in practical life it’s called results. How these concepts manifest for us in real life is matter of choice. And consistently making productive choices comes from discipline. Discipline is when you want something bad enough, to fight all the distractions and keep focused. Discipline is like strength training for the mind. I like to call undisciplined people fat in the head, just as one exercises the bodily muscles with dumbbells and resistance training, keeping fatigue and entropy at bay, so does discipline builds a desirable existence by keep distractions and fears at bay.
Now the problem with developing discipline is that people tend to give up mid way assuming ‘this is not for us’, one valuable piece of advice is, no matter how disappointed you are or impossible it seems, don’t give on what are doing just because you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. In fact most of the time we feel like giving up only because we are scared of failure or we haven’t thought through the plan enough to see it happening. Latter is more a prominent reason for giving up. PLANNING is at the core of discipline.
Planning comes naturally in the areas where you are comfortable, because you brain automatically assumes success when you do something you’ve always done. There is no thinking involved, hence the confidence. But the real challenge is uncharted territories. Hence you must gather information outside of you, and provide you brain with a plan that acts as a substitute for your internal unconscious planning that happens when you doing something you’ve always done(habit), giving you the confidence to get closer to your goal each time.
What you lack in habit, you make up in planning. Planning is a deliberately creating a habit. When you feed your mind with all the information needed to tread a path, your internal defense mechanism eases up and you are less likely to give up, because a sense of knowingness takes over. It is one of the reasons, why visualization is highly recommended, it also creates a sense of familiarity with the future. Positive feedback also works in a similar way, you feed positive information to the mind, and it seeks positivity in the surroundings. It’s a little bit like you have planted a plan to seek out only the pleasant in the world.
A plan is like consciously deciding, what you want to see manifest in your life.

Make it habit to plan. Make it a habit to practice productive choices. Make it a habit you feed yourself with information that will help you get closer to your goals.
Our next few blogs would be on creating positive plans for you. Tips on creating healthy habits for career; college or school; health; finances and personal life management.
In the meantime, register on http://www.laywi.com, a personal development website with a penchant for planning. You can plan all aspect of your life, whether they are finances, health, relationships or just personal development. It has inbuilt project management tools, which let you chart out every little detail of a plan, for a free flow and arrangement of your path toward goal achievement.
It also all many other tools like checklists, to-do lists, diary keeping and dashboard with updates for everything that is scheduled on LAYWi for the time.


Life as you want it!

Make it happen!