Removing what’s not David – Thought nugget!

A Thought

Michelangelo was asked by the pope about the secret of his genius, particularly how he carved the statue of David, largely considered the masterpiece of all masterpieces. His answer was: “It’s simple. I just remove everything that is not David.” *

So how often have you looked to improve life both ways:

  • Relinquishing  of bad or unhelpful habits
  • Acquiring new habits which are aligned to your purpose of life

Mostly we have seen, we always try to acquire new habits without getting rid of baggage – old habits which hold us back. Its the inertia which holds us back and hamper in acquiring momentum in forward direction.


  • Make list of your habits **
  • Prioritize on there importance of impact and relevancy to life / bigger picture.
  • SWOT your habits and see for yourself where you are with each of them
  • Then start with goal(s) of relinquishing the one’s which are harmful to you and your life.
  • Also make a list of habits which you want to acquire and are aligned to your purpose in life
  • Again make a plan to start with them and turn them in goals broken in even smaller daily tasks.


These set of positive habits would become your Value System*** for life

Side Note: You can always sign up at LAYWi and create and manage your value system.


* From Nassim Taleb’s book.

** Learning about habit – I like Charles Duhigg blogs and books.

*** For Value System: Books by Steve Covey and Clayton Christensen.

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