Habits and Seven habits!


Spirits for New Year!

Welcome to 2015 – Its a beautiful and amazing world! Well at least for most part (ignoring mindless and directionless terrorists & psychopaths ). Since we have limited time on this planet and generally speaking this time always seems to be very short,  so lets try to make best of it (starting with 2015)!

We have so much to see, experience, imbibe in life on this planet that we don’t have much time to waste, possibilities are limitless, we can be anybody or do anything –

So lets do something new everyday,
Learn something new
Understand something new

When in doubt – it always better to regret after doing something (taking common sense into account) rather then regretting not doing it. After doing something even if we don’t get anything or succeed in purpose, we would still get very valuable experience.

Experience everything but don’t get addicted to anything for experience is valuable. Experience would help us differentiate between right and wrong. They would prevent us from making mistakes by nurturing our brain which store common sensical neurons!

But don’t be sacred of making mistakes, for they only make mistakes who do something or try something.

Take Responsibility of your mistakes, rectify them.

Forgive others mistakes and give them time and chance to rectify them. No one (sane) makes mistake on purpose neither they behave badly on purpose.

We don’t know what others are going through in life so treat everyone the way you treat yourself, give them same chance as  you would give to yourself, with lenient with others as you are with yourself (at least), respect everyone, trust everyone and most importantly love everyone!

We don’t have enough love in this world and we all can do with extra love!  So don’t be shy in asking for love neither in giving or showing love.

Life is too short to be shy or to be hesitant, dance with your heart even if you don’t know, sing with your heart even if you aren’t good at it.

Eat to your heart’s content, laugh loudly (spreading the cheer) and cry like baby (share emotional transparency)!

Don’t let your heart grow old (when body grows), for day we loose our child like innocence or attitude towards life, life would seems different, most optimistically put.

Think about future but don’t worry about it, remember the past but don’t get lost in past!

2015 and life in general would offer some good days and some bad days obviously but don’t get arrogant in good days and don’t loose hope in bad days.

Don’t take all credit for success neither blame others for failure, just keep moving, spreading happiness and cheer and remember the motive – we are here to make our life beautiful and for others around us.

Fitness, health and LAYWi

Laywi.com is the coming of an age website that lets you plan all your life on one platform. Physical fitness is one area that is a concern for all of us these days, since lives have become sedentary, and with the advent of technology, everything is becoming more dependent on computed programs than actual efforts.

Laywi.comThe less we use a muscle, the more entropy it goes through. For example, say a person usage of their legs is minimum, he sits all day at work and then takes the elevator that goes directly to the parking lot and his car is parked right out front. Goes home, lodges himself in front of TV while he is served food in his bed. This routine would send a message to the brain to stop sending blood to minimum used part of the body and when this happens regularly, due to decreased nutrients, the muscles in the leg deteriorates and if this is not realized in time, permanent damage will ensue.

In a day like today, gym membership is as much a part of our lives as is a health insurance, but how many of these gym members regularly follow an exercise routine? Maybe a 50% or less I say from what I have seen of the world around me. With even right intentions and motivation, a lot of struggle to live healthy, why you ask? Because we don’t set out goals for ourselves. We forget to layout what from A to B means for us. The TV commercials can only motivate you join the revolution but not tell you what to do when you’re in it!

This is where LAYWi comes in. www.laywi.com is a website designed to address all you planning and organizing needs. This blog will focus on how to plan your physical fitness and health using the platform LAYWi developed.

Register on www.laywi.com, its simple and quick, and fire away. To achieve total control of your physical health, start at the well being tab, go to physical well being. The integrated system of LAYWi lets you select any part of the anatomy and document its health. The purpose of organizing information on LAYWi would mean that you actively and rationally lodge the piece of information in your working memory which in turns forces you to consider this information while you are making daily choices. That is just the beginning.

Later you can this same information to create projects to manage your physical health. You can either use this prior information to better your health or create project to enhance physical health and fitness.  For instance, you can create projects for weight loss or muscle gain.

The project management tool of LAYWi gives you options to define project names, definition, objectives, time line, tasks to be under taken for the outcome. In addition to this you can create evaluation parameters, and rate yourself at the beginning and so on, as you feel the need to monitor your progress. And the dashboard under completed projects show you gauges of your physical health as your rating goes up or down.

Well-being at laywi.com

This companionship of LAYWi tools will make it much easier for you stay updated with your plans, and it will also motivate you to keep going or confront the changes that have to be make. LAYWi will be your one stop solution to all you planning needs.

You may ask how is LAYWi different from all the plethora of checklists and project management website. LAYWi is modeled after well researched theories of maximizing human productivity. It takes into account how human beings are wired to achieve their goals. LAYWi uses effective methods in its design to keep you from overwhelming your brain with too much unorganized information and organize it to achieve more efficiency and boost energy.

Register on www.laywi.com today, to live the life as you want it.


Check out our guest login on www.laywi.com, to see how you can use it to maintain your health and fitness. Also check out www.laywi4us.wordpress.com to see other blogs on how LAYWi can help you enhance and organize your overall life efficiently.

Money is what money does!

“You can be young without money, but you can’t be old without it.”
― Tennessee Williams

Imagine a situation where growing up, you always went to big designer showrooms or those lovely unique but expensive boutiques or your parents bought you that coveted sports car, in short you had all the finer things laid out for you, and growing up you acquired expectation to have even better in life, but as soon as you were on your own, got your own apartment, started paying bills and the parents you got you through all along weren’t there  to dot on you like they did. Hence this sudden face to face with outside reality hit you in the face like a pumpkin thrown at you and left you feeling vulnerable and upset. You are confused as to what went wrong. The side effects, you stack up credit card bills, yourself esteems dips, your impulsive money spending habits drain your finances as well as affect you emotional well being.

As children, we begin to form our beliefs and attitudes about money through value-laden messages that are passed on to us by our parents, grandparents, and society. These ideas associated with money, most stick with us through our lives. To liberate oneself of the old ideas and to form new habits that support our current lifestyles without feeling like you have to give up on your dreams and hopes


Here is what you can do to help you situation, if you feeling confused and want help changing your attitude towards money. Because your beliefs towards money are nothing but thoroughly practiced thoughts and they can be manipulated and changed.


What is your earliest money memory?

Were you given an allowance for the chores you did around the house? Were you just given money for school field trips etc?  Digging up your earliest money memories will help you unearth why you view money as you do. If as a kid money came easy, as a grown you might expect the same but if there is a lack of the same, you feel disappointed and start to avoid any money related confrontation.

How Was Money Used in Your Family?

If you ever felt that money was tight in the house, you might seek liberation as a grown up, doing all the spending that frees you up from that childhood money claustrophobia, but that is  one way to look at it, different people react differently. Thinking about this will help you understand your money spending pattern.

What Were Your Parents’ Spending and Saving Patterns?pig

It’s important to reflect on how your parents spent money, because if you parents spent all their money on raising you and giving you the best in life, there is a chance that  person developed guilt and didn’t enjoy receiving those treats and grew up to depriving himself of the things he needed and could easily have.

When Did You Start Earning Your Own Money?

Did it make you feel empowered and independent or did you still feel like you had a long way to go. If you feel like you have long way to go, determine how long, because there is a big chance that your answer might be never. Money can be called the center of the universe in some views; it defines how your exchanges in society are seen. So if you are not happy with the money you make, determine, why not? It could unrealistic expectations or other emotions you associate with money baggage.


What Do You Expect From Money?

In my case, I want to earn enough money not to have to think about twice if I want to go to fine dining restaurant or an impulse buy of a sweater I saw on a mannequin in a mall, which is not too much to ask. So set you expectations from money and build your life around it. Maybe you want to own a house in two years or have substantial savings. Set you expectations right.

 images (1)

Register on www.laywi.com, it’s a website designed to answer all you wellbeing needs and it has a dedicated segment to calculate your wealth. All one has to do is input expected and current spending, assets, loans, debt etc. Even the minutest details like your monthly grocery spending to your monthly spending on coffee etc can be incorporated. Anything you would like. All these details are automatically calculated to show you your current financial state.

www.laywi.com is safe and online. But the most interesting part is that you can integrate all your financial information with other segments of the websites, which are project planning or to-do lists or set reminders about your various installment details, anyway you like.

The real idea behind this design is to help a user organize as well we confront his current financial status to make more customized decisions.

Once you figure out what role money plays in your life, you can start monitoring the patterns to build a life as you want it.


If you need something from somebody always give that person a way to hand it to you. ― Sue Monk Kidd

laywi.comPeople usually ascribe identity to people by the way they make them feel. If someone helps you out, you attribute it to them being a good people, if a person is always late to a meeting, you tag them lazy, irresponsible and not considerate of others feelings. More often than not people usually project their personal preferences on to the outside and hence make assumption about its working. This is what is precisely called perception. Different people with from different backgrounds perceive situations differently. Compatibility between two people can be defined as the level of empathy and tolerance we have with the person in question!

Although not all of us can be the closest of pals, but we can develop a sense for tolerance and empathy for  the others who differ from us in their thinking or otherwise and a step further would be to be able to learn from them and their experiences. To be able to understand how another person perceives their world can help us grow tremendously. It can enable us to challenge our existing views and test their validity at a point in time. Some people would call this keeping an open mind.

laywi.comRelationship are as much hard work as our careers or acquiring an education, sometimes a little more challenging because the parameters of success for different relationships are unknown, so one doesn’t know where the work ends. Truth be told the work on relationships never end, but what does happen is that a sort of trust is developed and you learn to be patient with results of your hard work and develop faith in each other. This is precise when the relationship actually becomes a meaningful relationship.

These meaningful relationships become an extension of us outside of us, and we change as people forever. But how does one develop a meaningful relationship? It is not an easy question to answer. Wise sages would tell you be to be patient and forgiving, both qualities mean to be selfless . The more you try to understand the perspective of the other person, the more you understand their motive of being the way they are. Understanding is knowledge and knowledge is empowerment.

Most of  us deal with 4 main types of relationships in our lives, Family, Professional, Community and Friends. Although essentially they are all the same, the approaches to managing them is different. Because all of them yield different results for us. Professional relationship satisfy our need for recognition, Family our emotional needs , Community our identity needs and Friends are our support system outside of them all.

It is important to learn to deal with all them and create a balance so we live wholesome fulfilling lives the way we want.


http://www.laywi.com, is a website catering to all your relationship needs. The follow up blog to this one, will be talking about how you can use this multipurpose website to manage all your relationship and manage them as you want them.

Consider the whole world as an organism and us as bits and pieces of that organism, how we function we each other determines the health of the world.

Next read , manage familial relationship on http://www.laywi.com.

What’s within is what’s without

What happens is not as important as how you react to what happens. – Thaddeus Golas

laywi.comSome people make do with nothing and are the happiest people on the planet. Some people have travelled the world and have drunk the most expensive of champagnes and yet live engulfed in complete fear of not having accomplished everything. How is that, what is heaven for someone is a form of hell for another? What causes people to perceive situations as good or bad? Who decides what is good or bad? It is no one but you!

Most people grow up being influenced by the community we stay in, they decide for us what kind of a person you will be and as we grow, we start to question our beliefs to ascertain them or challenge them to form new beliefs. And these beliefs decide what kind of life we will lead as we go through life. And it is an ongoing process; we are forever evolving into something new as required by the phase we are in life. But dealing with changes can bring about lots of confusion and guilt, as most of us preconditioned to maintain status quo which translates in our minds as a trusting situation or more popularly known as comfort zone. So it is very important to learn to deal with changes and how to normalize life along with changes that happen.

Mental well being can be defined as ability to cope with changing needs and recognizing them without feeling too threatened by them. Everyone sometime or the other faces a challenge when charting unknown territories but some of us have built the immunity to not let it affect us on a mental level or shake our very core. To have the ability to keep your core intact and not letting life challenges bother you is what a mentally well being is truly.

Mental well being is a habit or skill that can be developed over time, all of us have that survival gene in us, and it’s just the matter of activating it!

First recognize the signs of a developed mental well-being:-

  • Feel relatively confident in yourself – you value and accept yourself and judge yourself on realistic and reasonable standards
  • Feel and express a range of emotions
  • Feel engaged with the world around you – you can build and maintain positive relationships with other people and feel you can contribute to the community you live in
  • Live and work productively
  • Cope with the stresses of daily life and manage times of change and uncertainty.

These superfluous signs are of a state of mind which is not threatened by being thrown a curve ball; A person such as feel confident and hence is happy with their efforts.

laywi.comOn the flip side we all have times when we have low mental wellbeing – when we feel sad or stressed, or find it difficult to cope. For example, when we suffer some sort of loss; experience loneliness or relationships problems; or are worried about work or money. Sometimes, there is no clear reason why we experience a period of poor mental health. And sometimes serious issues such as childhood trauma or abuse; PTSD; unemployment etc make you vulnerable to long term state of disturbed mental wellbeing. Most of the temporary states can be overcome with a bit of effort on our part.

How do over come and make mental well being a habit?

One way to mental well being is to lead a healthy life. Eat a balanced diet; go for a walk or workout; go for regular medical checkups; don’t ignore a stressed body’s plea for rest etc. Because by simply ascertain a function body will keep you fatigue at bay and let you concentrate fully on the challenges.

Second pointer for a mental well being is to live a more organized life. Plan your day, meetings; make lists; set reminders for things to do etc. It takes the stress off if you have premeditated your plans. Hence freeing up mental breathing space.

Keep reminding you to not take life too seriously, everything in life is fleeting; life is an experience not a task.

The most important step to a lasting mental well being is to attain the habit of setting goals. Once you know what is important to you and what is that you want, you intrinsic motivation to live life more enthusiastically will go up. The reason for that is we only see what is predominately on our minds, if you have goals, you will see in your surrounding with manifold opportunities to achieve the life you want!

Register on www.laywi.com to use their new age personal development tools, which range from doing a SWOT analysis of your values to the project management tools for any kind of project that you can use to reminders; to-do lists or checklists tools. Everything under one tab to organize and live it the way you want.

Always remember you were born to live your destiny without fear so, always keep a positive attitude and be kind. You are what you are within, and what is without is a manifestation of it!

Mind over matter

Recognizing that you are not where you want to be is a starting point to begin changing your life. ― Deborah Day

Human Beings are no doubt smarter than other species. The greatest advantage comes from our ability to study and observe our environment and deduce its workings. Further we used our imagination to imprint our observation on to making life more convenient and safer. Our ability to imagine and imprint is what’s called  consciousness. Our ability to separate our minds from our bodies and observe what lies around and where we fit in. Consciousness is what we believe to be our soul. It gives us the ability to perceive life from different and unique angles and device solutions to problems beyond the comprehension of other animals. It has lead the dominance of human race on planet earth for thousands of years.

laywi.comBut what is a boon is also a bane.  Our abilities to imagine and foresee future events also brings the danger of over perceiving threats or pushing ourselves hard enough that we out ourselves on the brink of malaise and mental fatigue. We invest so much time in the future that we forget about being in the present moment which defeats the purpose of having the ability to internalize life.

For many of us our perception of time only means one thing, that we have less of it as each moment passes by. Which is as good as us actually running out of time altogether. How did this happen, where did we lose the meaning of being humans? How did we end up so stressed that everything around us became a threat/challenge and we either spend our times fighting or flight(ing)!

How did we get so beat up? The answer is simple. We stopped listening to the urges inside of us and took supposedly the easier path of toeing the line!

If you are unhappy with the way things are right now, take a stand! Take any stand, don’t think about the consequences , just stand up for something, and take control from there. Once you take a ‘decision’, you initiate the process of envisioning how it unfolds, and when you envision, the forces within you come alive to guide you. The thousand years of evolved DNA will kick in and guide you with all its might to a life that you are truly made for. And once you are satisfied inside, you stop searching for approval  outside and therefore become truly conscious of your being.

Start believing that you are a complete person and you need nothing except your imagination to create the life that you want. Make plans. Modify them. Live them. Don’t rush to write off something because it doesn’t seem the way it should be. Balance your ability to observe and create. Just like every new moment is the newest moment in existence, so is every experience therefore stop being afraid of the unknowable and march forward with all the life within you. You have earned your existence and stop being scared of deserving it!

laywi.comPeople at http://www.laywi.com, are living out their life purpose by creating this unique website whose purpose it is to guide people back to their thinking selves and helping them create a life that is empowering and present .

The website has inbuilt algorithms to help you discover your unique abilities by simply selecting options from drop downs. It flashes inspiring thoughts at you to remind you that you are not a just a lump of a person, that you are a being!

It encourages you to take back your life by laying down building blocks of a uniquely planned life which is project management tools; reminders and self profiling. It’s the perfect amalgamation of technology and time proven theories of what human mind is capable of when applied skilfully.

All you have to do is take a decision to turn around your life today and embark on this journey called life; use the gift of consciousness and let you spirit sore.

Our unique ability to imagine future and exercise greater control over what we become makes us Human beings. Imagination is a boon and curse both, much like the saying with great power comes great responsibility. Use it wisely.